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2019Does kanamycin have effectiveness as an antibiotic-loaded bone cement for the treatment of musculoskeletal tuberculosis? Dissertation
2017Influence of knee flexion angle and transverse drill angle on creation of femoral tunnels in double bundle ACL reconstruction using transportal technique : 3D CT simulation analysis Dissertation
2013The overexpression of bone morphogenetic protein and activin membrane-bound inhibitor and its involvement in the growth and invasion of human osteosarcoma cellsDissertation
2018Fibrosis control using cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitor in ligamentum flavum Dissertation
2017Static and dynamic factors related to pelvic retraction during gait in cerebral palsy hemiplegia Dissertation
2016Popliteal vascular safety during high tibial osteotomy : an analysis in 3- dimensional knee flexion models Dissertation
2016Up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase expression in synovial fibroblasts from knee OA with flexion contracture using adenovirus-mediated relaxin gene therapy Dissertation
2015Correlation between change in muscle excursion and collagen content after tendon rupture and delayed repair Dissertation
2015The role of CHMP5 as a regulator of NF-κB signaling in Paget’s disease of bone-like disorderDissertation
1990노출손상시킨 닭의 굴곡근 힘줄의 형태학적 변화에 대한 연구Dissertation
2012Intertunnel relationship in combined anterior cruciate ligament and posterolateral corner reconstruction : an in vivo 3D anatomical study Dissertation
1999성장판 연골세포의 시험관내 배양 방법에 따른 연골 세포의 표현형의 변화Dissertation
1998부신피질 호르몬에 의해 진행되는 가토의 대퇴 골두 무혈성 괴사에서 Nitric Oxide 공여제의 효과Dissertation
1997난소절제술을 시행한 백서에서 간헐적인 부갑상선호르몬 투여가 골절치유에 미치는 영향Dissertation
2010Assessment of risk factors affecting mechanical stress on the adjacent segments after lumbar fusion Dissertation
2010탈회골기질에 의한 황색인대세포, 근모세포, 골모세포 및 간엽줄기세포에서의 골형성도 Dissertation
2009The effect of COX-2 inhibitor on osteogenesis in human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells Dissertation
2008초음파 영상기법과 동작 분석을 이용한 뇌성마비 환아의 하퇴삼두근의 내적 구조 평가 Dissertation
20083차원 근-골격 모델을 이용한 대퇴골 염전과 골반 회전이 동반된 뇌성마비 환아의 crouch 보행 교정을 위한 생체역학적 분석 Dissertation
2007요추 후관절 활액막액이 척추 황색인대의 비대화와 골화에 미치는 영향 Dissertation

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