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Integrated Portable Polymerase Chain Reaction-Capillary Electrophoresis ...

Peng Liu ; Tae Seok Seo ; Richard A. Mathies ; James R. Scherer ; Kyoung-Jin ... ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, Vol.79(5) : 1881-1889, 2007

Body fluid identification in forensics.

Ja Hyun An ; Kyoung-Jin Shin ; Woo Ick Yang ; Hwan Young Lee BMB REPORTS, Vol.45(10) : 545-553, 2012

mtDNAmanager: a Web-based tool for the management and quality analysis o...

Hwan Young Lee ; Injee Song ; Eunho Ha ; Sung-Bae Cho ; Woo Ick Yang ; Kyoung... BMC BIOINFORMATICS, Vol.9 : 483, 2008
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2020The role of ARL6IP5 in ovarian cancer: Artificial neural networks and molecular clinicopathology-based analysesDissertation