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2023Association Between Migraine and Ischemic Cardio-Cerebrovascular Disease (CCVD) and Effects of Triptans and Ergotamine on the Risk of Ischemic CCVD in Patients with Migraine in the Korean NHIS-HEALS CohortCLINICAL DRUG INVESTIGATION
2023Korean Red Ginseng Potentially Improves Maintaining Antibodies after COVID-19 Vaccination: A 24-Week Longitudinal Study NUTRIENTS
2023Association between the Urine Cotinine Level and Blood Pressure in Korean Adults with Secondhand Smoke Exposure: Korea National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey 2016-2018 Korean Journal of Family Medicine(가정의학회지)
2017Alternative Trends Estimate and Stakeout Synthetic Marijuana UseAMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE
2023Oxidative balance score is inversely associated with the incidence of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseCLINICAL NUTRITION
2023Association between triglyceride-glucose index and low-density lipoprotein particle size in korean obese adults LIPIDS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE
2023Impact of Advance Care Planning on the Hospitalization-Associated Utilization and Cost of Patients with Alzheimer's Disease-Related Disorders Receiving Primary Care via Telehealth in a Provider Shortage Area: A Quantitative Pre-Study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH
2023Association of non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol trajectories with the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: an epidemiological and genome-wide association study JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE
2023Gender Differences in the Risk for Incident Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease According to the Transition of Abdominal Obesity Status: A 16-Year Cohort Study NUTRIENTS
2017Relationship between Total Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Self-Reported Knee Pain in Older AdultsJOURNAL OF NUTRITION HEALTH & AGING
2017Effects of Vitamin and Antioxidant Supplements in Prevention of Bladder Cancer: a Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2017Recent trends in the prevalence of underweight, overweight, and obesity in Korean adults: The Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 1998 to 2014 JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY
2017Inverse relationship between vitamin D levels and platelet indices in Korean adultsHEMATOLOGY
2017Cross-sectional association between testosterone, sex hormone-binding globulin and metabolic syndrome: The Healthy Twin StudyCLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY
2023Association between polycythemia and risk of ischemic stroke in males based on the national health insurance service-health screening cohortEXPERT REVIEW OF HEMATOLOGY
2023Genome-wide association and replication studies for handedness in a Korean community-based cohort BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR
2023Feasibility and Efficacy of Morning Light Therapy for Adults with Insomnia: A Pilot, Randomized, Open-Label, Two-Arm Study MEDICINA-LITHUANIA
2023Inverse Association between Oxidative Balance Score and Incident Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus NUTRIENTS
2023Comparison of the triglyceride glucose index and modified triglyceride glucose indices in assessing periodontitis in Korean adultsJOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL RESEARCH
2023Trends in serum uric acid levels among Korean children and adolescents between 2016 and 2020: a nationwide study EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS

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