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유방 검사에 있어서 혈관조영기술 (vascular enhancement technology, ClarifyTM)의 임상적 적용과 초음파 B-mode, 칼라 도플러 영상 그리고 파워 도플러 영상과의 비교

 곽진영  ;  김은경  ;  김민정  ;  손은주  ;  오기근 
 Journal of Korean Society of Breast Screening (대한유방검진학회지), Vol.4 : 140-148, 2007 
Journal Title
 Journal of Korean Society of Breast Screening (대한유방검진학회지) 
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Breast ; Ultrasound (US) ; Ultrasound (US) technology
Purpose: To evaluate images of vascular enhancement technology (ClarifyTM) and compare these with B-mode, color Doppler and power Doppler images of the breast. Materials and Methods: Cases illustrative of a broad range of breast conditions were collected. The various breast conditions, including both normal vascular structures and abnormal lesions, were imaged by Bmode, color Doppler, power Doppler, and ClarifyTM, and the respective images were compared. Results: The ClarifyTM technique revealed clearer underlying gray scale images than color and power Doppler images. However, a small flow signal was harder to detect in the ClarifyTM image due to the colorless images. Conclusion: The vascular enhancement technology (ClarifyTM) is beneficial due to its increased ability to depict vascularity and clear gray scale image of normal and abnormal breast conditions.
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