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사회참여에 관한 의과대학생의 인식 조사와 의학교육의 방향

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 A Survey of Medical Students’ Social Participation and Direction in Medical Education 
 이송이  ;  장동호  ;  박소연  ;  윤태영  ;  권오영 
 20(2): 103 - 111 
Journal Title
 Korean Medical Education Review 
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Attitude ; Communication ; Curriculum
In the ever-changing medical environment, the social participation of medical doctors is becoming more necessary. Currently, there is not enough participation or action by doctors within our society due to reasons such as a lack of educational curriculum in this area. This study aimed to investigate medical students’ opinions and attitudes about social participation and action. A total of 438 medical students were surveyed about their attitudes toward doctors’ relations with the public, social participation, social action, and medical education for social participation or action. Regarding doctors’ relations with the public, participants responded that the government (73.5%) and the media (82.0%) were causing social distrust of doctors, and more than 70% of the respondents answered that doctors were passive when it comes to social participation. When asked about social participation and social action, 76.7% of the students surveyed had experienced social participation, and 28.3% had experienced taking social action. A total of 73.4% of the students answered that medical education needs to be changed, and it is necessary to introduce subjects such as sociology and law to improve social participation and action. The results are significant in that they show medical students thoughts on social participation and social action as doctors in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We believe that a change of medical curriculum to promote active and collaborative social participation by doctors is necessary.
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