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기술과 자유로운 상상의 연결 패러다임

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 The Connecting Paradigm between Skills and Free Imagination 
 13(2): 3 - 7 
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 Korean Medical Education Review 
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Communication Skill ; Intuition ; Creativity ; Humanity
The status of medical doctors is relatively high in society. However, in spite of this acknowledged status, physicians are not aware of the extent to which they have the ability to care for patients or how much effort they should make to meet people’s expectations. Therefore, we should examine what society asks of doctors and how doctors need to be educated to meet the expectations of society. In this article, the author asserts that physicians need four skills. First, doctors should know how to speak and communicate. In the work of a doctor, language is the most important for tasks such as understanding texts, communication with patients, analyzing data, and starting new projects. Second, doctors should have intuition. In a doctor’s medical judgment, intuition is very important and it can initiate from an educated guess. In other words, good intuition can be developed based on a good educated guess, which in turn can derive from one’s explored knowledge, communication with one’s inner dialogues, and good interpretation skill. Third, doctors should have creativity. Doctors should produce an image about patients from intuition, and those intuitions are based on creativity. Usually, students in medical school have creative ability; therefore, the instructor should facilitate their learning to connect this creativity to free imagination ability and medical skills. Fourth, doctors should be humane. Patients want to communicate with doctors about their disease and further about their lives. The reason why a humane doctor is important is that this humane approach itself could cure patients and reduce their pain. When a doctor’s humane attitude is realized in the hospital, the patients and doctors could be pleased sincerely.
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