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 The Effects of Various Extracellular Matrices on Motility of Cultured MC3T3-E1 Cell 
 박병윤  ;  서상우  ;  이원재  ;  류창우  ;  나동균  ;  손현주  ;  박종철 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (대한성형외과학회지), Vol.32(2) : 143-148, 2005 
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Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(대한성형외과학회지)
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Chemotactic migration of bone forming cell, osteoblast, is an important event during bone formation, bone remodeling, and fracture healing. Migration of cells is mediated by adhesion receptors, such as integrins, that link the cell to extracellular matrix ligands, type I collagen, fibronectin, laminin and depend on interaction between integrin and extracellular ligand.
Our study was designed to investigate the effect of extracellular matrix like fibronectin, laminin, type I collagen on migration of osteoblast. Migration distance and speed of MC3T3-E1 cell on extracellular matrix-coated glass were measured for 24 hours using 0.01% type I collagen, 0.01% fibronectin, 100 microliter/ml laminin. The migration distance and speed of MC3T3-E1 cell was compared using a video-microscopy system. To determine migration speed, cells were viewed with a 4 phase- contrast lens and video recorded. Images were captured using a color CCD camera and saved in 8-bit full-color mode.
The migration distance on 0.01% type I collagen or 0.01% fibronectin was longer than that on 100microliter/ml laminin-coated glass. The migration speed on fibronectin-coated glass was 68 micrometer/hour which was fastest. The migration speed on type I collagen-coated glass was similar with that on fibronectin-coated glass. The latter two migration speeds were faster than that on no-coated glass. On the other hand, the average migration speed on laminin-coated glass was 37micrometer/hour and not different from that of control group.
In conclusion, the extracelluar matrix ligands such as type I collagen and fibronectin seem to play an important role in cell migration. The type I collagen or fibronectin coated scaffold is more effective for migration of osteoblast in tissue engineering process.
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Park, Beyoung Yun(박병윤)
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