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주의력결핍 과잉행동장애 아동에서 I-123 IPT SPECT로 측정한 기저 신경절 도파민 운반체 밀도

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 Dopamine Transporter Density of the Basal Ganglia in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Assessed with I-123 IPT SPECT 
 천근아  ;  유영훈  ;  김영기  ;  남궁기  ;  김찬형 
 Korean Journal of Psychopharmacology (대한정신약물학회지), Vol.13(2) : 95-103, 2002 
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 Korean Journal of Psychopharmacology (대한정신약물학회지) 
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Objective: ADHD has been known as a psychiatric disorder in childhood associated with dopamine dysregulation. In the present study, we investigated dopamine transporter (DAT) density using I -123N-(3~iodopropen-2yI)-2β-carbomethoxy-3beta- (4-chlorophenyI) tropane (I -123-IPT)-SPECT in children with ADHD on the hypothesis that alterations of DAT density in the basal ganglia were suggestive of dopaminergic dysfunction in children with ADHD. Methods: Nine drug-naive children with ADHD and six normal children were included in the study. We performed brain SPECT two hours after the intravenous administration of 1-123-IPT and made both quantitative and qualitative analyses using the obtained SPECT data. which were reconstructed for the assessment of specific/nonspecific DAT binding ratios in the basal ganglia. We then investigated the correlation between ADHD Rating Scale (ARS) scores of children with ADHD and specific/nonspecific DAT binding ratios in the basal ganglia. Results: Children with ADHD had significantly greater specific/nonspecific DAT binding ratio of the basal ganglia comparing to normal children. However, no significant correlation were found between ARS scores of children with ADHD and specific/nonspecific DAT binding ratio of basal ganglia in children with ADHD. Conclusion: These finding, support the complex dysregulation of the dopaminergic neurotransmitter system in children with ADHD.
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