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In vivo relative quantitative proteomics reveals HMGB1 as a downstream mediator of oestrogen-stimulated keratinocyte migration

 Jung U Shin  ;  Ji Yeon Noh  ;  Kwang Hoon Lee  ;  Shan Jin  ;  Inhee Jung  ;  Hyeran Kim  ;  Jin Young Kim  ;  Jong Shin Yoo  ;  Won Jai Lee  ;  Ju Hee Lee 
 Experimental Dermatology, Vol.24(6) : 478-480, 2015 
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 Experimental Dermatology 
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It is known that oestrogen influences skin wound healing by modulating the inflammatory response, cytokine expression and extracellular matrix deposition; accelerating re-epithelialization; and stimulating angiogenesis. To identify novel proteins associated with effects of oestrogen on keratinocyte, stable isotope labelling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC)-based mass spectrometry was performed. Using SILAC, quantification of 1085 proteins was achieved. Among these proteins, 60 proteins were upregulated and 32 proteins were downregulated. Among significantly upregulated proteins, high-mobility group protein B1 (HMGB1) has been further evaluated for its role in the effect of oestrogen on keratinocytes. HMGB1 expression was strongly induced in oestrogen-treated keratinocytes in dose- and time-dependent manner. Further, HMGB1 was able to significantly accelerate the rate of HaCaT cell migration. To determine whether HMGB1 is involved in E2-induced HaCaT cell migration, cells were transfected with HMGB1 siRNA. Knockdown of HMGB1 blocked oestrogen-induced keratinocyte migration. Collectively, these experiments demonstrate that HMGB1 is a novel downstream mediator of oestrogen-stimulated keratinocyte migration.
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김산(Jin, Shan) ; 노지연(Noh, Ji Yeon) ; 신정우(Shin, Jung U) ; 이광훈(Lee, Kwang Hoon) ; 이원재(Lee, Won Jai) ; 이주희(Lee, Ju Hee) ; 정인희(Jung, Inhee)
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