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Krypton-enhanced ventilation CT with dual energy technique: experimental study for optimal krypton concentration

 Yong Eun Chung  ;  Sae Rom Hong  ;  Mi-Jung Lee  ;  Myungsu Lee  ;  Hye-Jeong Lee 
 EXPERIMENTAL LUNG RESEARCH, Vol.40(9) : 439-446, 2014 
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Animals ; Feasibility Studies ; Krypton*/administration & dosage ; Lung/diagnostic imaging* ; Multidetector Computed Tomography/methods* ; Pulmonary Ventilation* ; Rabbits
dual energy CT ; krypton ; lung function ; material decomposition ; ventilation
PURPOSE/AIM OF THE STUDY: To assess the feasibility of krypton-enhanced ventilation CT using dual energy (DE) technique for various krypton concentrations and to determine the appropriate krypton concentration for DE ventilation CT through an animal study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Baseline DECT was first performed on seven New Zealand white rabbits. The animals were then ventilated using 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, to 70% krypton concentration, and DECT was performed for each concentration. Krypton extraction was performed through a workstation, and results were displayed on a color map. Overlay Hounsfield unit (HU) values were obtained by two observers in consensus readings. A linear mixed model was used to correlate overlay HU values and krypton concentrations. Visual assessments of the homogeneity of krypton maps were also performed. RESULTS: Mean overlay HU values according to krypton concentration were as follows; 20% krypton, 1.68 ± 5.15; 30% krypton, 3.73 ± 5.93; 40% krypton, 6.92 ± 5.51; 50% krypton, 10.88 ± 5.17; 60% krypton, 14.54 ± 4.23; and 70% krypton, 18.79 ± 3.63. We observed a significant correlation between overlay HU values on krypton maps and krypton concentrations (P < .001). For the krypton color maps, all observers determined universal enhancement on the 70% krypton map for all animals. CONCLUSION: It is feasible to evaluate lung ventilation function using DECT with a krypton concentration of at least 70%.
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