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The effects of hydroxyapatite on bonding strength between dental luting cement and human teeth

 S.I. Yoon  ;  Yong Keun Lee  ;  H.J. Choi  ;  S.O. Kim  ;  Kyoung Nam Kim  ;  Min Chul Kim  ;  Yeon Ung Kim 
 Key Engineering Materials, Vol.284~286 : 953-956, 2005 
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Key Engineering Materials
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Bioactive ; Bonding Strength ; Glass Ionomer Cement ; Hydroxyapatite (HAP)
Bioactive ; Bonding Strength ; Glass Ionomer Cement ; Hydroxyapatite (HAP)
This study aimed to investigate the effects of hydroxyapatite on bonding strength between dental luting cement and human teeth. In the previous study, bonelike forming ability by mixing hydroxyapatite with several bone cements was reported in a protein-free acellular simulated body fluid with ion concentrations nearly equal to those of the human blood plasma. Therefore in this experiment, we assumed that if bonelike apatite layer could form between dental luting cement and human teeth, the bonding strength between the two would improve. In addition, we expected the HA mixed dental luting cement to improve the physical properties. Fuji I glass ionomer and Relyx™ glass ionomer cement were the selected dental luting cements and the film thickness, setting time and compressive strength were measured mixing various concentrations of hydroxyapatite. Glass ionomer cement with the most superior physical properties(Fuji I ; 20% hydroxyapatite, Relyx™ ; 15% hydroxyapatite) was immersed in the simulated body fluid for three weeks and the surface was observed under SEM after measuring the bonding strength. As the concentration of HA increased, the film thickness of hydroxyapatite-glass ionomer cement decreased, the setting time increased, and the compressive strength increased. The most noteworthy results were that bonding strength increased, and that bonelike apatite formed on the tooth surface when observed under SEM.
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