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심미적 영역에서 단계적 접근을 통한 다수 치아 임플란트 수복: 증례보고

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 A staged approach for rehabilitation of multiple missing teeth in the esthetic zone: Case report 
 손주연  ;  한현진  ;  박정철  ;  김지환  ;  윤정호  ;  김성태  ;  박영범  ;  정의원  ;  김창성  ;  심준성  ;  문홍석  ;  최성호 
 Journal of the Korean Academy of Implant Dentistry (대한치과이식임프란트학회지), Vol.29(2) : 40-46, 2010 
Journal Title
Journal of the Korean Academy of Implant Dentistry(대한치과이식임프란트학회지)
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dental implant ; bone grafting ; soft tissue ; esthetics
Replacement of missing teeth in the esthetic zone is often a challenge for the clinician. Especially, in the area with soft tissue and
hard tissue deficiencies, a step by step approach accompanying bone augmentation procedure and soft tissue graft is necessary.
In the present case, severe gingival recession and horizontal bone deficiency were noted in maxillary anterior region. Prior to the
implant placement, vascularized interpositional periosteal connective tissue (VIP-CT) graft was performed at the time of extraction
of anterior teeth to increase keratinized tissue and soft tissue dimension. After 2 months, implants were installed and guided bone
regeneration (GBR) was performed on the horizontal alveolar defect. Additional soft tissue graft was done for improvement of
horizontal contour at the time of the healing abutment connection. To obtain the proper gingival contour and papilla, temporary
restoration was used for 3 months prior to the delivery of final restoration.
Relatively enough bone and soft tissue were acquired using staged soft tissue and hard tissue augmentation procedures with
implant installation, and the patient was satisfied with the restoration and gingival architcture.
Implantation restorations to replace multiple missing teeth in esthetic zone with the soft tissue and hard tissue deficiencies require
presurgical planning, proper implant positioning, skillful practitioner and teamwork of the entire implant team
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