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상악 부분 무치악과 하악 완전 무치악을 가진 환자에서 Locator attachment를 이용한 임플란트 유지형 피개의치 수복 증례

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 The implant retained partial overdenture and implant retained overdenture using Locator attachment; Case report 
 배진혁  ;  임현창  ;  김태원  ;  박정철  ;  김지환  ;  김성태  ;  정의원  ;  윤정호  ;  박영범  ;  김창성  ;  심준성  ;  최성호  ;  문홍석 
 Journal of the Korean Academy of Implant Dentistry (대한치과이식임프란트학회지), Vol.29(2) : 33-39, 2010 
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Journal of the Korean Academy of Implant Dentistry(대한치과이식임프란트학회지)
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Attachment ; complete denture ; fully edentulous patient ; partially edentulous patient ; removable partial denture implant retained overdenture
The treatment methods of the partial edentulous patients are fixed partial denture, removable partial denture and implant supported
fixed partial denture. Many physicians select implant fixed partial denture in a lot of partial edentulous cases base on its stable
success rate. However this method cannot apply to all cases because of various reasons. so the removable partial denture is still
used method.
But removable partial denture has the rotation problem because of supporting ability difference between tissue and tooth. This
problem causes malfunction and uncomfortable denture. Moreover, there are opinions that removable partial denture indicate
continuous alvelolar bone resorption. Removable partial denture cannot apply in patients who have severe gag reflex. To solve
these problems, several dentists attempted additional implantations on partial edentulous area and overdenture designs. Additional
implantations have increased retention and stability of denture and produced successful results.
Using implant to overcome problem of complete denture is more common than removable patiral denture. According to the 2002
McGill Consensus, recommendation about a full edentulous patient was the implant retained overdenture using two implants on
the mandible.
This clinical report describes the treatment of a patient with these prosthetic solutions
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