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박영환 [Park, Young Hwan]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
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2019Emergency Pulmonary Artery–to-Systemic Artery Shunt to Break the Positive Feedback Loop of a Pulmonary Hypertensive Crisis after Neonatal Coarctation Repair 박영환, 박한기, 신유림, 양영호Article
2019Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device 박영환, 박한기, 신유림Article
2016Factors associated with progression of right ventricular enlargement and dysfunction after repair of tetralogy of Fallot based on serial cardiac magnetic resonance imaging김남균, 김영진, 박영환, 박한기, 신유림, 정조원, 최재영Article
2016Cytomegalovirus Myocarditis Required Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support Followed by Ganciclovir Treatment in Infant 김봉준, 박영환, 박한기, 신유림, 정조원Article
2016Intracardiac Thrombosis Involving All Four Cardiac Chambers after Extracardiac Membranous Oxygenation Associated with MTHFR Mutations 김봉준, 박영환, 박한기, 송승환, 신유림Article
2016Left Atrial Decompression by Percutaneous Left Atrial Venting Cannula Insertion during Venoarterial Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support 박영환, 박한기, 신유림, 정조원Article
2016The angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker losartan attenuates bioprosthetic valve leaflet calcification in a rabbit intravascular implant model김대현, 박영환, 박한기Article
2016Outcomes of Fontan conversion for failing Fontan circulation: mid-term results박영환, 박한기Article
2016Extracorporeal life support can be a first-line treatment in children with acute fulminant myocarditis김남균, 박영환, 박한기, 신유림, 정세용, 정조원, 최재영Article
2016Enhanced Patency and Endothelialization of Small-Caliber Vascular Grafts Fabricated by Coimmobilization of Heparin and Cell-Adhesive Peptides박영환, 박종철, 박한기Article
2016Results of Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Children 박영환, 박한기, 송승환Article
2016The importance of preoperative oxygen saturation as a predictor of pulmonary arterial hypertension after surgery of atrial septal defects박영환, 박한기Article
2015Pulmonary valve cusp augmentation for pulmonary regurgitation after repair of valvular pulmonary stenosis김영진, 박영환, 박한기, 신유림, 신홍주, 정조원Article
2015Abnormal fibrous band from the left atrium to the left ventricle causing mitral regurgitation박영환, 박한기, 신홍주, 정조원Article
2015Degenerative Calcification of Pericardial Bioprostheses: Comparison of Five Implantation Methods in a Rabbit Model김대현, 박영환, 박한기, 윤영남, 이삭, 이승현, 주현철Article
2014Congestive hepatopathy after Fontan operation and related factors assessed by transient elastography김승업, 류병원, 박영환, 박한기, 은영민, 최재영Article
2013QTc Prolongation after Ventricular Septal Defect Repair in Infants 김남균, 박영환, 박한기, 신홍주, 우샛별, 정조원, 최재영Article
2012Bronchial compression in an infant with isolated secundum atrial septal defect associated with severe pulmonary arterial hypertension. 김남균, 박수진, 박영환, 박한기, 최재영Article
2012Impact of pressure load caused by right ventricular outflow tract obstruction on right ventricular volume overload in patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot김영진, 김정옥, 류병원, 박영환, 박한기, 설준희, 최재영Article
2011Traumatic ventricular septal defect in a 4-year-old boy after blunt chest injury 류병원, 박영환, 설준희, 최재영Article
201012세 여아에서 운동 중 발생한 흉통 및 실신 - 왼쪽 주 관상동맥의 이상 기시의 진단 및 수술적 치료 1례 김남균, 류병원, 박영환, 박한기, 최재영Article
2010Palliative atrial switch operation in a 22-year-old patient with transposition of the great arteries박성용, 박영환, 박한기, 양홍석Article
2010Outcomes of biventricular repair for congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries박영환, 박한기Article
2009Atypical coarctation of the aorta: congenital stenosis of the mid-thoracic aorta박영환, 박한기, 조상호Article
2009Pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defects and major aortopulmonary collateral arteries. 박영환, 박한기, 송석원, 조범구Article
2008Right ventricular restrictive physiology in repaired tetralogy of Fallot is associated with smaller respiratory variability.류병원, 박영환, 박한기, 설준희, 신재일, 최재영Article
2008Results of an extracardiac pericardial-flap lateral tunnel Fontan operation류병원, 박영환, 박한기, 윤영남, 최재영Article
2008Berry syndrome: two cases of successful surgical repair 박영환, 박한기, 윤영남Article
2008Preclinical Test of an Electro-Mechanical Implantable Left Ventricular Assist System 박영환, 윤영남, 이삭, 이종화, 임상현, 장병철, 홍유선Article
2008Cantrell의 다섯 징후에 대한 일기성 교정수술의 경험 김대준, 김성민, 류병원, 박영환, 박윤준, 방서욱, 오정탁, 한석주Article
2007Mid-Term Results of Reconstruction of the Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Using Cryopreserved Homografts 김도균, 박영환, 박한기, 윤영남, 이기종Article
2007Rapidly progressive dilatation of coronary artery aneurysm associated with Kawasaki disease김동수, 박영환, 설준희, 신재일, 최재영Article
2007인공혈관 개선을 위한 연구 동향 박영환, 박종철, 박한기, 이미희Article
2007엡스타인 기형의 20년 수술 치험 박영환, 박한기, 이삭, 이창영, 장병철Article
2007Successful Mechanical Circulatory Support as a Bridge to Transplantation곽영태, 박영환, 이삭, 임상현, 장병철Article
2007da Vinci™ 수술로봇을 이용한 심장수술 : 첫 번째 치험 보고 박영환, 박한기, 이삭Article
2007혈관이식술 후 내막과다증식에 대한 Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate의 효과 박영환, 박종철, 박한기, 이미희, 장병철Article
2006Beneficial Effects of Freezing Rate Determined by Indirect Thermophysical Calculation on Cell Viability in Cryopreserved Tissues박영환, 박한기Article
2006Primary Cardiac T Cell Lymphoma in a Child박영환, 박한기, 최재영Article
2006Non-frozen preservation of mammalian tissue using green tea polyphenolic compounds박영환, 박종철, 박한기Article
2006복잡대혈관전위증의 최신지견박영환Article
2006자가심낭막절편을 이용한 심외외측통로 Fontan 수술의 결과 박영환, 박한기, 최재영Article
2006유아 환아에서 양방향성 상대정맥-폐동맥 단락술의 임상적 효율성 박영환, 박한기, 이삭, 조범구, 홍순창Article
2006엡스타인 기형을 가진 성인에서 수술적 치료 : 한국에서의 경험박영환Article
2005심실중격결손의 형태에 따른 양대혈관.우심실기시증의 수술 및 장기 결과 박영환, 박한기, 조범구Article
2005소아연령에서의 대동맥판막 재수술박영환, 박한기Article
2005좌측 심장 판막 치환술: 수술 기법, 판막의 선택, 수술후 관리, 장기 결과박영환Article
2005A case of multiple giant coronary aneurysms with large mural thrombus due to Kawasaki disease in a young infant 김동수, 김유리아, 류병원, 박영환, 설준희, 이승규, 최덕영, 최은나, 최재영Article
2005관상동맥루의 임상적 고찰 강면식, 박영환, 박한기, 이삭, 임상현, 장병철, 조범구, 홍유선Article
2005Long-term preservation of human saphenous vein by green tea polyphenol under physiological conditions박영환, 박종철, 한동욱Article