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2018Prediction of mandibular movement and its center of rotation for nonsurgical correction of anterior open bite via maxillary molar intrusion박영철, 정희규, 최윤정Article
2018Assessment of changes in the nasal airway after nonsurgical miniscrew-assisted rapid maxillary expansion in young adults 박영철, 유형석, 이기준, 최윤정, 한상선Article
2017Accuracy of 3-Dimensional Virtual Surgical Simulation Combined With Digital Teeth Alignment: A Pilot Study강상훈, 김문기, 박영철, 유형석, 최윤정Article
2017Stability of dental, alveolar, and skeletal changes after miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion 김경호, 박영철, 이기준, 최윤정Article
2017Skeletal and dentoalveolar changes after miniscrew-assisted rapid palatal expansion in young adults: A cone-beam computed tomography study 박영철, 이기준, 차정열, 최윤정Article
2016Nonsurgical miniscrew-assisted rapid maxillary expansion results in acceptable stability in young adults 박영철, 이기준, 차정열, 최성환Article
2015미니스크류 보강형 급속구개확장장치 (MARPE)를 이용한 골격성 III급 부정교합의 절충치료 치험례박영철Article
2015Histomorphometric evaluation of maxillary molar roots and surrounding periodontium following molar intrusion in rats김경호, 박영철, 이기준, 정주령, 최윤정Article
2015Premaxillary Distraction Osteogenesis Using an Intraoral Appliance for Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate: Case Report뭉해돌람, 박영철, 이충국, 차정열Article
2015Distalization pattern of whole maxillary dentition according to force application points 김성진, 박영철, 유형석, 이기준Article
2015Consecutive condylectomy and molar intrusion using temporary anchorage devices as an alternative for correcting facial asymmetry with condylar hyperplasia김재영, 박영철, 이상휘, 최윤정Article
2015Assessment of masticatory function in patients with non-sagittal occlusal discrepancies김백일, 김희진, 박영철, 백형선, 이기준, 정주령, 최태현Article
2014Effects of Mechanical Properties of Lingual Lever Arm on the Displacement Pattern of Anterior Segment: A Finite Element Analysis 박영철, 이기준Article
2014A comparison of tapered and cylindrical miniscrew stability김지영, 박영철, 차정열, 황충주Article
2014Three-dimensional evaluation of maxillary anterior alveolar bone for optimal placement of miniscrew implants 박영철, 유형석, 이기준Article
2014A Simultaneous Mobilization of Four Impacted Upper Incisors in a Case of an Adolescent Patient with Cleidocranial Dysplasia (CCD) 박영철, 이기준Article
2014Mandibular posterior anatomic limit for molar distalization김성진, 박영철, 백형선, 이기준, 최태현Article
2013Influence of peri-implant artifacts on bone morphometric analysis with micro-computed tomography박영철, 송진욱, 차정열Article
2013Distalization pattern of the maxillary arch depending on the number of orthodontic miniscrews박영철, 이기준, 최태현Article
2013Biologic stability of plasma ion-implanted miniscrews 박영철, 유형석, 정한성, 차정열, 황충주Article
2013Effective Tooth Movement Using Lingual Segmented Arch Mechanics Combined With Miniscrews 박영철, 이기준, 최태현Article
2013하악 구치부 원심 이동을 이용한 골격성 lll급 부정교합의 치험례박영철Article
2012Evaluation of mandibular cortical bone thickness for placement of temporary anchorage devices (TADs). 박영철Article
2011Radiographic evaluations of molar intrusion and changes with or without retention in rats김경호, 박영철, 이기준, 정주령, 최윤정Article
2011Displacement pattern of the maxillary arch depending on miniscrew position in sliding mechanics.김영재, 박영철, 이기준, 최태현, 황충주Article
2011편측성 구치부 교차교합을 동반한 I급 부정교합의 치험례박영철Article
2011Total distalization of the maxillary arch in a patient with skeletal Class II malocclusion박영철, 차정열, 최윤정Article
2011교정용 미니스크류를 이용한 연속호선과 분절호선의 유한요소분석 박영철, 유형석, 이기준Article
2011Lingual sliding mechanics의 lever arm 효과에 대한 유한요소분석 박영철, 이기준, 차정열Article
2010Miniscrew-assisted nonsurgical palatal expansion before orthognathic surgery for a patient with severe mandibular prognathism박영철, 이기준Article
2010Long-term stability of anterior open-bite treatment by intrusion of maxillary posterior teeth박영철, 유형석, 이기준, 최윤정Article
2010선수술을 이용한 안면비대칭 환자의 치험례박영철Article
2009Influence of the length of the loading period after placement of orthodontic mini-implants on changes in bone histomorphology: microcomputed tomographic and histologic analysis박영철, 송진욱, 차정열Article
2009Ⅰ급 부정교합의 설측 교정 치험례박영철Article
2009Combined use of miniscrews and clear appliances for the treatment of bialveolar protrusion without conventional brackets박영철, 이기준, 조영민Article
2009Computed tomographic analysis of tooth-bearing alveolar bone for orthodontic miniscrew placement김기덕, 박영철, 유형석, 이기준Article
2009Restoration of an alveolar bone defect caused by an ankylosed mandibular molar by root movement of the adjacent tooth with miniscrew implants박영철, 유형석, 이기준Article
2008한국인 정상교합자의 3차원 디지털 모형을 이용한 순, 협측 치면 곡률 박영철, 송진욱, 차정열Article
2008개별화된 정상치를 이용한 골격성 Ⅲ급 부정교합 환자의 치험례박영철, 이기준, 조영민Article
2008대구치 매복을 동반한 골격성 Ⅰ급 부정교합 환자의 치험례박영철Article
2008Miniscrew implant를 이용한 상악 구치부 압하와 개방교합 치료의 효과 및 안정성 박영철Article
2008Nasal changes after surgical correction of skeletal Class III malocclusion in Koreans김경호, 박광호, 박선형, 박영철, 정주령Article
2008Open bite correction by intrusion of posterior teeth with miniscrews박영철Article
2008교정력 부하시기에 따른 교정용 미니 임플란트의 안정성 박영철, 차정열Article
2007Esthetic segmental retraction of maxillary anterior teeth with a palatal appliance and orthodontic mini-implants박영철Article
2007Uprighting mandibular second molars with direct miniscrew anchorage 박영철, 이기준Article
2007Treatment of class II protrusion with severe crowding using indirect miniscrew anchorage박영철, 이기준Article
2006Soft-tissue and cortical-bone thickness at orthodontic implant sites김희진, 박영철Article
2006어퍼트 및 크루즌 증후군을 유발하는 골조직 특이성 FGFR2 돌연변이에 의한 두개안면 형태의 변화박영철, 백형선, 이기준Article
2005Bonding Orthodontic Attachments to Miniscrew Heads김경호, 박영철Article