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한국인 정상교합자의 3차원 디지털 모형을 이용한 순, 협측 치면 곡률

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 Labial and buccal surface contours of Korean normal occlusion in a three-dimensional digital model 
 채지현  ;  송진욱  ;  차정열  ;  최정수  ;  박영철 
 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS, Vol.38(2) : 95-103, 2008 
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곡률 ; Straight Wire Appliance ; 한국인
Objective: This study was performed to investigate the labio/buccal clinical crown curvatures of Korean permanent teeth and to obtain the curve-ratio data in an attempt to fabricate bracket bases fit for each individual Korean permanent tooth. Methods: Three-dimensional digital models were made from 30 sets of dental casts with normal anatomic structures. According to the FA points, horizontal and vertical reference planes were established and lines were drawn on the tooth surfaces in reference to these planes. The curvature was expressed as the coefficient of a quadratic equation. Lines mesial, distal, gingival and occlusal to the horizontal, vertical reference planes and the FA point were drawn. Results: The curvature measured for each line revealed that there are no significant differences between male and female, except for maxillary canines and maxillary second bicuspids (p > 0.05). There were notable differences in the mesio-distal or gingivo-occlusal curvatures among the mandibular lateral incisors, maxillary canines, maxillary and mandibular first and second bicuspids and first molars (p < 0.05). Conclusions: The labial & buccal crown curvatures of teeth in Korean normal occlusion were measured on the mesial and distal, gingival and occlusal sides respectively in this study. Based on these data, a SWA can be developed to fit the individual features of Korean tooth crowns
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Park, Young Chel(박영철)
Song, Jin Wook(송진욱)
Cha, Jung Yul(차정열)
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