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Park, Young Seok [박영석]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Neurosurgery (신경외과학교실)

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2012Impact of ventralis caudalis deep brain stimulation combined with stereotactic bilateral cingulotomy for treatment of post-stroke pain김주평, 박영석, 장원석, 장진우Article
2012Assessment of the effects of unilateral electrode dysfunction in patients with Parkinson disease undergoing bilateral subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation김주평, 박영석, 손영호, 이필휴, 장원석, 장진우Article
2011A combination procedure with double C-shaped skin incision and dual-floor burr hole method to prevent skin erosion on the scalp and reduce postoperative skin complications in deep brain stimulation김주평, 박영석, 장원석, 장진우Article
2011Bilateral globus pallidus internus deep brain stimulation for DYT1+ generalized dystonia with previously received bilateral thalamotomy and unilateral pallidotomy김주평, 박영석, 장원석, 장진우Article
2011Management of a DBS system in patients with traumatic brain injury: case report김주평, 박영석, 장원석, 장진우Article
2011Recurrence rates after neuroendoscopic fenestration and Gamma Knife surgery in comparison with subtotal resection and Gamma Knife surgery for the treatment of cystic craniopharyngiomas.김동석, 박영석, 박용구, 장종희Article
2011The efficacy of gamma knife radiosurgery for advanced gastric cancer with brain metastases박영석, 박용구, 장종희, 장진우Article
2011Bilateral subthalamic deep brain stimulation using single track microelectrode recording김주평, 박영석, 장원석, 장진우Article
2010Association of endothelial nitric oxide synthase polymorphisms and haplotypes with ischemic stroke in Korean individuals with or without diabetes mellitus 박영석Article
2010A comparison of LEDD and motor scores following STN-DBS treatment in patient with young onset vs. late onset Parkinson's disease김해유, 박영석, 손영호, 이필휴, 장원석, 장진우Article
201059-year old female with suprasellar mass김동석, 박영석, 박용구, 심규원, 이윤호Article
2010Surgical treatment of hypothalamic hamartoma 김동석, 박영석, 심규원, 이윤호Article
2009Endoscopic disconnection of hypothalamic astrocytoma causing gelastic epilepsy. Case report김동석, 김흥동, 박영석, 심규원, 이윤호, 이준수Article
2009Insular epilepsy surgery under neuronavigation guidance using depth electrode김동석, 김흥동, 박영석, 심규원, 이윤진, 이윤호, 이준수Article
2009Emergency endovascular stent graft and coil placement for internal carotid artery injury during transsphenoidal surgery김동준, 김선호, 박영석, 안정용Article
2009Treatment option for arachnoid cysts김동석, 박영석, 박은경, 심규원, 이윤호Article
2009Late development of craniopharyngioma following surgery for Rathke's cleft cyst김동석, 김선호, 김태승, 박영석, 안정용Article
2009Rapidly regrowing lipoma in lipomeningomyelocele: a case report.김동석, 박영석, 이윤호Article
2009Neurocognitive and psychological profiles in pediatric arachnoid cyst김동석, 박영석, 심규원Article
2009Intraventricular Hemorrhage Long after Successful Encephaloduroarterio Synangiosis in Moyamoya Patient. 김동석, 박영석Article
2009Factors contributing improvement of syringomyelia and surgical outcome in type I Chiari malformation김동석, 김정희, 박영석, 심규원, 최중언Article
2009Early surgery of hamartoma of the floor of the fourth ventricle: a case report.김동석, 김흥동, 박영석Article
2009Treatment and outcomes of primary intracranial teratoma김동석, 박영석, 박은경, 심규원, 이윤호, 최중언Article
2008피질 이형성증과 미세이형성의 영상 의학적, 전기생리적 및 임상적 차이김동석, 김흥동, 박영석, 심규원, 이영목, 이윤호, 이준수Article
2008난치성 간질 환자에서 뇌량 절제술박영석, 심규원, 이윤호Article
2008Factors contributing to resectability and seizure outcomes in 44 patients with ganglioglioma김동석, 김정희, 박영석, 심규원, 최중언Article
2008속질모세포종 치료후 발생한 2차 악성 종양(급성 골수백혈병): 증례 보고김동석, 박영석, 심규원, 이윤호Article
2007악성 뇌종양에서 Gliadel® Wafer의 효용성;예비 보고 김동석, 김정희, 박영석, 심규원, 장종희, 최중언Article
2007악성으로 변환하여 재발한 성숙 과오종김동석, 김세훈, 김정희, 김태승, 박영석, 심규원, 최중언Article
2007Long term magnetic Resonance Angiography follow-up in moyamoya disease 김동석, 김정희, 박영석, 심규원, 최중언Article
2007직장 항문 기형 환자에서 동반하는 척추 이형성김동석, 김정희, 박영석, 심규원, 오정탁, 최중언, 한석주Article