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윤형신 [Yoon, Hyung Shin]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Physiology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2019A novel synthetic cathinone, α-pyrrolidinopentiothiophenone (PVT), produces locomotor sensitization in rat: Implications for GSK3β connections in the nucleus accumbens core김정훈, 윤형신Article
2018Low cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) peptide levels in human cerebrospinal fluid of major depressive disorder (MDD) patients윤형신Article
2017Relationships of Cerebrospinal Fluid Monoamine Metabolite Levels With Clinical Variables in Major Depressive Disorder윤형신Article
2017Cocaine inhibits leptin-induced increase of the cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript peptide in the nucleus accumbens in rats김정훈, 김화영, 윤형신Article
2016The expression of methiopropamine-induced locomotor sensitization requires dopamine D2, but not D1, receptor activation in the rat김정훈, 윤형신, 채문정Article
2013Inhibition of PKMzeta in the nucleus accumbens core blocks the expression of locomotor sensitization induced by amphetamine김정훈, 윤형신Article
2011Blockade of ERK Phosphorylation in the Nucleus Accumbens Inhibits the Expression of Cocaine-induced Behavioral Sensitization in Rats 김정훈, 윤형신Article
2010Microinjection of CART peptide 55-102 into the nucleus accumbens core inhibits the expression of conditioned hyperactivity in a cocaine-associated environment.김정훈, 김화영, 윤형신Article
2008Blockade of group II metabotropic glutamate receptors produces hyper-locomotion in cocaine pre-exposed rats by interactions with dopamine receptors.김정훈, 윤형신, 장주경Article
2007CART peptide 55-102 microinjected into the nucleus accumbens inhibits the expression of behavioral sensitization by amphetamine김정훈, 윤형신Article
2007Microinjection of CART peptide 55–102 into the nucleus accumbens blocks both the expression of behavioral sensitization and ERK phosphorylation by cocaine김승우, 김정훈, 윤형신Article