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홍현준 [Hong, Hyun Jun]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2014Robot-assisted versus endoscopic submandibular gland resection via retroauricular approach: a prospective nonrandomized study고윤우, 김원식, 변형권, 이형신, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2014Usefulness of Nuclear Protein in Testis (NUT) Immunohistochemistry in the Cytodiagnosis of NUT Imdline Carcinoma: A Brief Case Report 박혜성, 윤선옥, 임범진, 홍순원, 홍현준Article
2014Tracheal reconstruction using chondrocytes seeded on a poly(l-lactic-co-glycolic acid)-fibrin/hyaluronan.최은창, 홍현준Article
2014Outcome With Immediate Direct Anastomosis of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerves Injured During Thyroidectomy김영석, 노태석, 박정수, 유한수, 장항석, 최홍식, 홍종원, 홍현준Article
2014Phonatory outcome of 585 nm/pulsed-dye laser in the management of glottic leukoplakia박영민, 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2013Carcinoma ex pleomorphic Adenoma in the Oral Cavity: A Huge Oral Cavity Mass With Neck Metastasis배성훈, 변형권, 최은창, 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2013Transoral Robotic Retropharyngeal Lymph Node Dissection With or Without Lateral Oropharyngectomy고윤우, 김원식, 박영민, 변형권, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2013갑상연골 내굴곡에 인한 가성대의 비대 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2013Clinical Characteristics of Vocal Polyps With Underlying Sulcus Vocalis변형권, 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2013Use of Pulsed Dye Laser in the Treatment of Sulcus Vocalis조창일, 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2012Robot-assisted selective neck dissection via modified face-lift approach for early oral tongue cancer: a video demonstration고윤우, 김원식, 이소윤, 이수연, 이형신, 정웅윤, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2012노르스름한 성대점막 색변화를 보이는 편평 성대 낭종: 개방형 성대 낭종 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2012Transplantation of Autologous Chondrocytes Seeded on a Fibrin/Hyaluronan Composite Gel Into Tracheal Cartilage Defects in Rabbits: Preliminary Results이진석, 홍현준Article
2012Gasless transaxillary robot-assisted neck dissection: a preclinical feasibility study in four cadavers 고윤우, 이혜연, 정웅윤, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2012Feasibility of robot-assisted neck dissections via a transaxillary and retroauricular ("TARA") approach in head and neck cancer: preliminary results고윤우, 김원식, 이형신, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2012Robot-assisted Supraomohyoid neck dissection via a modified face-lift or retroauricular approach in early-stage cN0 squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity: a comparative study with conventional technique고윤우, 김원식, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2012Radiotherapy deteriorates postoperative functional outcome after partial glossectomy with free flap reconstruction고윤우, 김세헌, 신유섭, 안상현, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2011우측 안면부에 발생한 피지털모낭종 1예 홍현준Article
2011Necessity of level IV dissection in cN0 hypopharyngeal carcinoma고윤우, 김세헌, 신유섭, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2011Endoscopic thyroidectomy via an axillo-breast approach without gas insufflation for benign thyroid nodules and micropapillary carcinomas: preliminary results 고윤우, 김원식, 신유섭, 이소윤, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2011서양식 성악발성법의 의학적 이해 남도현, 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2011The extended indication of parotidectomy using the modified facelift incision in benign lesions: retrospective analysis of a single institution고윤우, 김보경, 이소윤, 정준희, 최은창, 홍현준Article
2011설암 수술 후 발생한 악관절 탈구의 관혈적 비관혈적 정복례 차용훈, 홍현준Article
2011Increasing the size limit of benign thyroid lesions resectable by endoscopic thyroidectomy via a unilateral axillo-breast approach without gas insufflation고윤우, 김원식, 신유섭, 최은창, 최홍식, 홍현준Article
2010혀에 발생한 신경초종 1예 및 고찰 최은창, 홍현준Article
2010갑상선에 발생한 원발성 편평세포암 1예 홍현준Article