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College of Medicine - Dept. of Surgery

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2019A periodic comparison of the survival and prognostic factors of biliary atresia after Kasai portoenterostomy: a single-center study in Korea고홍, 이동은, 인경, 한석주, 호인걸Article
2019A study of contralateral persistent processus vaginalis in laparoscopic hernia repair in children오정탁, 인경, 호인걸Article
2019Mesenteric venous thrombosis as a complication of appendicitis in an adolescent: A case report and literature review 김문규, 윤서희, 이미정, 정세용, 호인걸Article
2018Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia in infants: Comparison with open hernia repair오정탁, 인경, 호인걸Article
2018아동학대에 의한 외상성 간외 담관 협착과 간내 낭종 형성: 증례 보고 이동은, 인경, 한석주, 호인걸Article
2018Correlation between gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase activity and outcomes after Kasai portoenterostomy for biliary atresia인경, 장은영, 한석주, 호인걸Article
2018Santulli 장루술 오정탁, 인경, 한석주, 호인걸Article
2016Laparoscopic Surgical Glue Injection Hernioplasty: A Single-Institution Experience.장은영, 한석주, 호인걸Article