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2018Short-term Clinical and Radiographic Results of the Salto Mobile Total Ankle Prosthesis박유정, 이진우, 최우진, 황역구Article
2017Lesion Size Is a Predictor of Clinical Outcomes After Bone Marrow Stimulation for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus: A Systematic Review이진우, 최우진Article
2016Cell recruiting chemokine-loaded sprayable gelatin hydrogel dressings for diabetic wound healing.이경미, 이모세, 이진우, 장연수, 최우진Article
2016Generalized Ligamentous Laxity Is an Independent Predictor of Poor Outcomes After the Modified Brostr?m Procedure for Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability박광환, 신명호, 이진우, 최우진Article
2016Development of Stabilized Growth Factor-Loaded Hyaluronate- Collagen Dressing (HCD) matrix for impaired wound healing 이진우, 최우진Article
2016Synergistic Action of IL-8 and Bone Marrow Concentrate on Cartilage Regeneration Through Upregulation of Chondrogenic Transcription Factors.김성환, 박광환, 이경미, 이진우, 최우진Article
2016Hyaluronic acid dressing (Healoderm) in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer: A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, single-center study이진우, 최우진, 한승환Article
2016Inhibition of microRNA-449a prevents IL-1β-induced cartilage destruction via SIRT1김성환, 박광환, 이경미, 이진우, 최우진Article
2016요족의 진단과 치료 이진우, 최우진Article
2015First metatarsal proximal opening wedge osteotomy for correction of hallux valgus deformity: comparison of straight versus oblique osteotomy 이진우, 최우진, 한승환Article
2015관절경적 미세골절술이 실패한 거골의 골연골 병변에 대한 치료로서의 재차 미세골절술 박광환, 이모세, 이진우, 최우진Article
2015Comparison of Outcomes for Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus With and Without Chronic Lateral Ankle Instability이모세, 이진우, 최우진Article
2015피브린 글루를 이용한 인간골수유래줄기세포의 생체 내 연골형성김성환, 박기원, 윤동석, 이경미, 이진우, 최우진Article
2014Comparative Analysis of Gene Expression in Normal and Degenerative Human Tendon Cells: Effects of Cyclic Strain박광환, 이진우, 조진선, 최우진Article
2014Periprosthetic Osteolysis after Total Ankle Arthroplasty이진우, 최우진Article
2014Osteochondral Autologous Transplantation Is Superior to Repeat Arthroscopy for the Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus After Failed Primary Arthroscopic Treatment.이모세, 이진우, 최우진Article
2014자기 활성 세포 분리법과 군체 분리법으로 분리된 건 줄기세포의 자가 재생 능력 및 분화능 효율 비교 윤동석, 이모세, 이진우, 최우진, 최유림, 한승환Article
2014SIRT1 directly regulates SOX2 to maintain self-renewal and multipotency in bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.김성환, 윤동석, 이모세, 이진우, 장연수, 최우진, 최유림Article
2014The impact of diabetes on the short- to mid-term outcome of total ankle replacement이모세, 이진우, 최우진Article
2013발뒤꿈치 통증이진우, 최우진Article
2013Effects of Beraprost Sodium on Subjective Symptoms in Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease 윤항섭, 이진우, 최우진Article
2013OK-432 Sclerotherapy for Malleolar Bursitis of the Ankle박광환, 이진우, 최우진Article
2013Arthroscopic treatment in mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the ankle이진우, 최우진Article
2013Residual pain due to soft-tissue impingement after uncomplicated total ankle replacement이진우, 최우진Article
2013Osteochondral lesions of the talus: are there any differences between osteochondral and chondral types?이진우, 최우진Article
2013Techniques for Managing Varus and Valgus Malalignment During Total Ankle Replacement윤항섭, 이진우, 최우진Article
2013Arthroscopic Synovectomy of the Ankle in Rheumatoid Arthritis이진우, 최우진Article
2013Prognostic Significance of the Containment and Location of Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus : Independent Adverse Outcomes Associated With Uncontained Lesions of the Talar Shoulder이진우, 최우진Article
2013Osteochondral Lesion of the Talus: Prognostic Factors Affecting the Clinical Outcome After Arthroscopic Marrow Stimulation Technique이진우, 조준, 최우진Article
2013Additional surgical factors affecting the recurrence of hallux valgus after Ludloff osteotomy이진우, 최우진Article
2012Modified Weil osteotomy for the treatment of Freiberg's disease. 이진우, 최우진Article
2012Preoperative planning and surgical technique: how do I balance my ankle?김범수, 이진우, 최우진Article
2012Percutaneous lateral ligament reconstruction with allograft for chronic lateral ankle instability.김용상, 윤현국, 이종석, 이진우, 최우진Article
2012족관절 충돌 증후군 이진우, 최기원, 최우진Article
2012Osteochondral lesion of the talus: could age be an indication for arthroscopic treatment? 김범수, 이진우, 최우진Article
2011족부 제2형 부주상골에서 절제술과 골유합술 간의 임상적 결과 비교 이진우, 최우진Article
2011Heterotopic ossification after total ankle arthroplasty이진우, 최우진Article
2011족관절 인공 관절 치환술 이진우, 최기원, 최우진Article
2011Limb salvage in severe diabetic foot infection김범수, 김용상, 이진우, 최우진Article
2010The effect of an ossicle of the lateral malleolus on ligament reconstruction of chronic lateral ankle instability김범수, 김용상, 이진우, 최우진Article
2009Comparison of the proximal chevron and Ludloff osteotomies for the correction of hallux valgus김범수, 윤한국, 이진우, 최우진Article
2009Total ankle replacement in moderate to severe varus deformity of the ankle.이진우, 최우진Article
2009Osteochondral lesion of the talus: is there a critical defect size for poor outcome?김범수, 박관규, 이진우, 최우진Article
2008Diagnostic dilemma of tuberculosis in the foot and ankle김범수, 이진우, 최우진, 한승환Article
2008Chronic lateral ankle instability: the effect of intra-articular lesions on clinical outcome김범수, 이진우, 최우진Article
2008Ossicles associated with chronic pain around the malleoli of the ankle김성재, 김수진, 이진우, 최우진Article
2007족부 및 족근관절에 발생한 종양 (185예) 신규호, 이진우, 최우진Article
2007난치성 족저 근막염의 체외충격파를 이용한 치료 이진우, 최우진Article
2007공간 점유 병소에 의한 수근관 증후군 강호정, 김성재, 최우진, 최종혁, 한수봉Article
2007정상 한국인 요추 추간판 높이의 방사선학적 계측 김남현, 김학선, 김호중, 문성환, 문은수, 박진오, 이환모, 최우진Article