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Additional surgical factors affecting the recurrence of hallux valgus after Ludloff osteotomy

 G. W. Choi ; W. J. Choi ; J. W. Lee ; H. S. Yoon 
 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - British Volume, Vol.95B(6) : 803~808, 2013 
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 Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - British Volume 
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We reviewed 91 patients (103 feet) who underwent a Ludloff osteotomy combined with additional procedures. According to the combined procedures performed, patients were divided into Group I (31 feet; first web space release), Group II (35 feet; Akin osteotomy and trans-articular release), or Group III (37 feet; Akin osteotomy, supplementary axial Kirschner (K-) wire fixation, and trans-articular release). Each group was then further subdivided into severe and moderate deformities. The mean hallux valgus angle correction of Group II was significantly greater than that of Group I (p = 0.001). The mean intermetatarsal angle correction of Group III was significantly greater than that of Group II (p < 0.001). In severe deformities, post-operative incongruity of the first metatarsophalangeal joint was least common in Group I (p = 0.026). Akin osteotomy significantly increased correction of the hallux valgus angle, while a supplementary K-wire significantly reduced the later loss of intermetatarsal angle correction. First web space release can be recommended for severe deformity. Additionally, K-wire fixation (odds ratio (OR) 5.05 (95% confidence interval (CI) 1.21 to 24.39); p = 0.032) and the pre-operative hallux valgus angle (OR 2.20 (95% CI 1.11 to 4.73); p = 0.001) were shown to be factors affecting recurrence of hallux valgus after Ludloff osteotomy.
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