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이현재 [Lee, Hyun Jae]
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College of Medicine - Yonsei Biomedical Research Center

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2015Thick airway surface liquid volume and weak mucin expression in pendrin-deficient human airway epithelia. 강주완, 김규보, 윤주헌, 이현재, 조형주, 최재영Article
2012Protease-activated receptor 2-dependent fluid secretion from airway submucosal glands by house dust mite extract김규보, 김상철, 김유석, 김창훈, 윤주헌, 이정권, 이현재, 조형주, 최재영Article
2012Vitamin A deficiency induces fluid hyposecretion from the airway submucosal glands of mice 김상철, 윤주헌, 이현재, 주정희, 최재영Article
2012Protease-activated receptor 2 mediates mucus secretion in the airway submucosal gland 김규보, 신동민, 양유미, 윤주헌, 이현재, 조형주, 최재영Article
2011α-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone inhibits tumor necrosis factor α-stimulated MUC5AC expression in human nasal epithelial cells.김규보, 김윤주, 유지환, 윤주헌, 이상남, 이현재, 주정희, 최연호Article
2010Functional study of mucus secretion of the eustachian tube in Guinea pigs김상철, 양원선, 이현재, 최재영Article
2010House dust mite extract activates apical Cl(-) channels through protease-activated receptor 2 in human airway epithelia김창훈, 신동민, 윤주헌, 이현재, 지헌영, 최재영, 홍정희Article
2009Suppression of prostaglandin E2-induced MUC5AC overproduction by RGS4 in the airway. 김종무, 송경섭, 윤주헌, 이현재, 최연호Article