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이운형 [Lee, Woon Hyoung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Laboratory Medicine

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2014Radio frequency based label-free detection of glucose이운형Article
2012Gender-specific reference intervals for serum total bilirubin in healthy Korean adults.권오헌, 김정호, 이운형Article
2011Evaluation of the i-Smart 30 Point-of-Care Analyzer for Use in Clinical Laboratory Settings권오헌, 이운형Article
2011체액 및 요검체 접종을 위한 자동 접종장비 PREVI Isola®의 유용성 평가 용동은, 이경원, 이양순, 이운형, 정석훈, 정윤섭, 정혜선Article
2010Determination of lamotrigine in human serum by high-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry.권오헌, 김정호, 김현숙, 이병인, 이운형, 허경Article
2010TDM 및 남용약물검사 신빙도조사 결과보고 (2009)김정호, 이운형Article
2009TDM 및 남용약물검사 신빙도검사 결과보고 (2008)김정호, 이운형Article
2009Use of EDTA-plasma gel-separating tubes for measurement of indocyanine green권오헌, 이운형Article
2008Cytokine profile of peripheral blood in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with diabetic retinopathy권오웅, 권오헌, 김경환, 김정호, 이운형, 임종백Article