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김혜영 [Kim, Hye Young]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Pharmacology (약리학교실)

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2008Physical interactions and functional coupling between Daxx and sodium hydrogen exchanger 1 in ischemic cell death 김은희, 김준오, 김혜영, 이민구Article
2008Differentially expressed proteins in cerulein-stimulated pancreatic acinar cells: implication for acute pancreatitis.김경환, 김혜영, 서정연, 유지훈Article
2007깨어있는 기니 픽의 위, 회장, 대장 운동에 대한 Mosapride Citrate의 효과 김남규, 김혜영, 박효진, 정인수Article
2006Suppression of IL-1β expression by the Jak 2 inhibitor AG490 in cerulein-stimulated pancreatic acinar cells김경환, 김혜영Article
2005NADPH oxidase mediates interleukin-6 expression in cerulein-stimulated pancreatic acinar cells김경환, 김혜영, 유지훈, 임주원Article
2005Oxidative stress in Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric cell injury김혜영Article
2004자발성 세균성 복막염 환자에서 치료 경과에 따른 복수 Nitric oxide(NO)의 변화 김혜영, 박영수, 백용한, 송시영, 안상훈, 전재윤, 한광협, 홍시내Article