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기현정 [Kee, Hyun Jung]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology

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2018Inhibition of Wntless/GPR177 suppresses gastric tumorigenesis 기현정, 김미정, 김현기, 노성훈, 박수연, 윤호근, 이승현, 정재호, 최윤영, 최혜지Article
2018Fibroblast growth factor receptor 3-mediated reactivation of ERK signaling promotes head and neck squamous cancer cell insensitivity to MEK inhibition 고윤우, 기현정, 양재문Article
2017White to beige conversion in PDE3B KO adipose tissue through activation of AMPK signaling and mitochondrial function 기현정, 정연욱Article
2016Integrated omics-analysis reveals Wnt-mediated NAD+ metabolic reprogramming in cancer stem-like cells기현정, 정재호Article
2014Tumor bioenergetics: an emerging avenue for cancer metabolism targeted therapy 기현정, 정재호Article
2003Identification of Tumor Suppressor Loci on the Long Arm of Chromosome 15 in Primary Small Cell Lung Cancer 기현정, 김세규Article
2003원발성 소세포폐암에서 염색체 16번의 단완에 위치한 종양억제유전자좌의 확인 곽승민, 기현정, 김성규, 김세규, 김영삼, 신동환, 신주혜, 장윤수, 장준, 정경영Article