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고흥규 [Ko, Heung Kyu]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Radiology

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2009Comparative study of resection and radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of solitary colorectal liver metastases고용택, 고흥규, 김경식, 김남규, 민병소, 손승국, 이종태, 조장환, 최진섭, 허혁Article
2009Efficacy and safety of transarterial chemoembolization in recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after curative surgical resection고흥규, 김경식, 김도영, 박준용, 안상훈, 윤기태, 이도연, 이종태, 전재윤, 최종원, 최진섭, 한광협Article
2009Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation: A novel treatment of facial venous malformation 고흥규, 원종윤, 이도연Article
2009Percutaneous treatment of central venous stenosis in hemodialysis patients: long-term outcomes고흥규, 김영철, 원종윤, 이광훈, 이도연, 최선영Article
200920대 이하 간세포암종의 증례 : 20세 미만의 젊은 연령에서 발병한 간세포암종 1예 고흥규, 김도영, 김승업, 박준용, 성진실, 안상훈, 장종희, 전재윤, 정주원, 한광협Article
2008Percutaneous peritoneovenous shunt for treatment of refractory ascites.고흥규, 원종윤, 이광훈, 이도연, 이종태, 최선영Article
2008An Evaluation of the Fluoroscopy-guided Percutaneous Gastrostomy with the Pull Technique 고흥규, 원종윤, 유정식, 이광훈, 이도연, 이종태Article
2008Multimedia manuscript. Dual-scope guided (simultaneous thoraco-laparoscopic) transthoracic transdiaphragmatic intraoperative radiofrequency ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma located beneath the diaphragm.강창무, 고흥규, 김경식, 김병로, 송시영, 이우정, 최진섭Article
2007Fate of Migrated Esophageal and Gastroduodenal Stents: Experience in 70 Patients고흥규Article
2007Treatment of High-flow Priapism with Superselective Transcatheter Embolization in 27 Patients: A Multicenter Study고흥규Article
2007Tumor response to transcatheter arterial chemoembolization in recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after living donor liver transplantation 고흥규Article
2006Detection of hepatic metastasis: Manganese- and ferucarbotran-enhanced MR imaging고흥규, 김기황, 김명진, 김주희, 오영택, 유형식, 이종태, 임준석, 정재준Article
2006Problems Encountered during and after Stent-Graft Treatment of Aortic Dissection고흥규, 서상현, 원종윤, 이광훈, 이도연, 장병철, 최동훈Article
1999건강한 한국 중년층의 관상동맥 석회 수치 분포 고흥규, 김민정, 김정호, 서일, 최병욱Article
1999CT Findings of Aortic Intramural Hematoma with or without associated Penetrating Aortic Ulcer 고흥규Article
1999분지형 스텐트 이식편을 이용한 복부대동맥류의 치료 고흥규Article
1999Utility of Single Shot Fast Spin Echo Technique in Evaluating Pancreaticobiliary Diseases : T 2 - weighted Image and Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography 고흥규, 김명진Article