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당뇨 백서 사구체 및 고포도당으로 자극한 족세포에서 싸이클로스포린이 P-cadherin의 발현에 미치는 영향

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 The Effect of Cyclosporine on P-cadherin Expression in Experimental Diabetic Nephropathy and Glucose-Stimulated Podocytes 
 강신욱  ;  유태현  ;  류동열  ;  한대석  ;  이정은  ;  이태희  ;  김동기  ;  한승혁  ;  곽승재  ;  김진주  ;  정동섭  ;  김주성  ;  최훈영  ;  김형종 
 Korean Journal of Nephrology, Vol.26(1) : 23-33, 2007 
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 Korean Journal of Nephrology 
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Purpose: We investigated whether Cyclosporin A (CsA) had the anti-proteinuric effect in diabetic rats and whether it was associated with the alteration of P- cadherin expression. Methods: Sprague-Dawley rats were injected with diluent (C, N=16) or streptozotocin intraperitoneally (DM, N=16). Eight rats in each group were treated with 10% ethanol or with 1.5 mg/kg/day of CsA (C+CsA and DM+CsA) for 6 weeks. Immortalized mouse podocytes were cultured in media with 5.6 mM glucose (LG), LG+CsA (10-8 M), LG+TGF-β1, 30 mM glucose (HG), or HG+CsA. Real time-PCR and Western blot were performed for P-cadherin and TGF-β1 mRNA and protein expression, respectively, with sieved glomeruli and cell lysates. Results: Urinary albumin excretion was significantly higher in DM compared with C rats, and CsA treatment inhibited the increase in albuminuria in DM rats. Glomerular P-cadherin mRNA and protein expression in DM were decreased compared with C rats, and these decreases were significantly inhibited by CsA. Glomerular TGF-β1 mRNA and protein expression were higher in DM than C rats, and CsA treatment inhibited the increase in TGF-β1 expression in DM. P-cadherin mRNA and protein expression in HG and LG+TGF-β1 podocytes were lower than LG cells, and these HG-induced decrements were restored by CsA. Conclusion: CsA treatment reduces urinary albumin excretion in DM rats. P-cadherin expression is decreased under diabetic conditions, which is ameliorated by CsA. In addition, inhibition of the increase in glomerular TGF-β1 expression under diabetic conditions by CsA seems to restore the P-cadherin expression, resulting in the decrease in albuminuria.
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