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악교정 수술을 위한 디지털 모형 수술의 정확성 평가

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 Accuracy of digital model surgery for orthognathic surgery: a preclinical evaluation 
 김봉철  ;  박원서  ;  이상휘  ;  강석진  ;  유형석  ;  이충국  ;  강연희 
 Journal of Korean Association Maxillofacial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (대한악안면성형재건외과학회지), Vol.29(6) : 520-526, 2007 
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 Journal of Korean Association Maxillofacial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (대한악안면성형재건외과학회지) 
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The accuracy of model surgery is one of important factors which can influence the outcome of orthognathic surgery. To evaluate the accuracy of digitalized model surgery, we tried the model surgery on a software after transferring the mounted model block into a digital model, and compared the results with that of classical manual model surgery. We could get the following results, which can be used as good baseline analysis for the clinical application. 1. We made the 3D scanning of dental model blocks, and mounted on a software. And we performed the model surgery according to the previously arranged surgical plans, and let the rapid prototyping machine produce the surgical wafer. All through these process, we could confirm that the digital model surgery is feasible without difficulties. 2. The digital model surgery group (Group 2) showed a mean error of $0.0{\sim}0.1mm$ for moving the maxillary model block to the target position. And Group 1, which was done by manual model surgery, presented a mean error of $0.1{\sim}1.2mm$, which is definitely greater than those of Group 2. 3. Remounted maxillary model block with the wafers produced by digital model surgery from Group 2 showed the less mean error (0.2 to 0.4 mm) than that produced by manual model surgery in Group 1 (0.3 to 1.4 mm). From these results, we could confirm that the digital model surgery in Group 2 presented less error than manual model surgery of Group 1. And the model surgery by digital manipulation is expected to have less influence from the individual variation or degree of expertness. So the increased accuracy and enhanced manipulability will serve the digital model surgery as the good candidate for the improvement and replacement of the classical model surgery, if careful preparation works for the clinical adjustment is accompanied.
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