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코칭 출산교육 프로그램이 초임부의 불안과 출산 자기효능감에 미치는 효과

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 Effects of a Coaching-based Childbirth Program on Anxiety and Childbirth Self-efficacy among Primigravida Women 
 김 수 ; 김희숙 ; 정하윤 
 Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing (여성건강간호학회지), Vol.17(4) : 369~377, 2011 
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 Korean Journal of Women Health Nursing (여성건강간호학회지) 
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PURPOSE: Childbirth self-efficacy plays an important role in women's ability to cope with labor and delivery. Coaching has been gaining popularity as a way to promote cognitive, emotional and behavioral change. This study aimed to test the effects of a Coaching-based childbirth program on anxiety and childbirth self-efficacy among primigravida women. METHODS: The study design was a quasi-experimental pre-post design. A coaching-based childbirth program was developed synthesizing concepts and techniques from the literature on coaching and was verified by an expert panel. It consisted of four weekly 2-hour small group sessions. Pregnant women were recruited from H hospital in Seoul. Childbirth self-efficacy and state anxiety were measured before and after the program. RESULTS: Although there was a no significant reduction in anxiety, there were statistically significant increase for childbirth self-efficacy in the experimental group when compared to the control group. CONCLUSION: The program appears to increase childbirth self-efficacy for pregnant women. Future studies may benefit from using mixed coaching modalities and consider measuring health behaviors and obstetric outcomes to gain insights on its long-term impact.
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