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수 종의 Ni-Ti 회전 기구들을 이용한 치근단 폐쇄 향상을 위한 근관 확대 평가

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 Evaluation of canal preparation for apical sealing with various Ni-Ti rotary instruments 
 신유석  ;  신수정  ;  송민주  ;  김의성 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Operative Dentistry (대한치과보존학회지), Vol.36(4) : 300-305, 2011 
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 Journal of Korean Academy of Operative Dentistry (대한치과보존학회지) 
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Apical sealing ; Circular apical preparation ; GT file ; Lightspeed ; Profile ; Quantec
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the various NiTi rotary instruments regarding their ability to provide a circular apical preparation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 50 single canal roots were selected, cut at the cementodentinal junction and the coronal 1/3 of the canals was flared using Gates Glidden burs. Samples were randomly divided into 5 experimental groups of 10 each. In group I, GT files, Profile 04 and Quantec #9 and #10 files were used. In Group II Lightspeed was used instead of Quantec. In Group III, Orifice shaper, Profile .06 series and Lightspeed were used. In Group IV, Quantec #9 and #10 files were used instead of Lightspeed. In Group V, the GT file and the Profile .04 series were used to prepare the entire canal length. All tooth samples were cut at 1 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm from the apex and were examined under the microscope. RESULTS: Groups II and III (Lightspeed) showed a more circular preparation in the apical 1mm samples than the groups that used Quantec (Group I & IV) or GT files and Profile .04 series.(Group V)(p < 0.05) There was no significant difference statistically among the apical 3, 5 mm samples. In 5 mm samples, most of the samples showed complete circularity and none of them showed irregular shape. CONCLUSIONS: Lightspeed showed circular preparation at apical 1 mm more frequently than other instruments used in this study. However only 35% of samples showed circularity even in the Lightspeed Group which were enlarged 3 ISO size from the initial apical binding file (IAF) size. So it must be considered that enlarging 3 ISO size isn't enough to make round preparation
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Song, Min Ju(송민주)
Shin, Su Jung(신수정) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5795-3919
Shin, Yoo Seok(신유석) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1121-2570
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