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대장암 환자들의 신체활동에 대한 인식과 참여 실태조사

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 Analysis of Physical Activity Participation, Intention and Attitude of Patients with Colorectal Cancer 
 정재연  ;  안기용  ;  이동훈  ;  나루세마사요  ;  손유나  ;  이지원  ;  추상희  ;  전용관  ;  김남규 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Living Environmental System (한국생활환경학회지), Vol.18(1) : 120-128, 2011 
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Journal of the Korean Society of Living Environmental System(한국생활환경학회지)
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Physical activity ; Colorectal cancer patients ; Exercise intention
The purpose of this study was to investigate the level of physical activity participation and attitude toward exercise among people with colorectal cancer. A total of 303(±) patients, diagnosed with colorectal cancer, were recruited for our study. Each patient was given a structured interview in S hospital between July and September, 2010. The result indicated that 75.4% of the patients believed that exercise is helpful for the prevention and recurrence of colorectal cancer. However, only 35% of patients participated in more than 18 MET-hours per week of physical activity, the amount known to be beneficial for cancer recurrence and increase the survival. The level of physical activity participation increased significantly after patients were diagnosed with colorectal cancer. In addition, subjects participated in more of moderate and high intensity physical activity after the completion of cancer treatment compare to the level of physical activity participation during cancer treatment (p<0.05). 64.8% of patients were willing to participate in some kind of physical activity program. The survey showed that 34.7% of patients wanted to participate in walking exercise, 80.3% preferred to exercise more than 30 minutes, 49% preferred to exercise 3 times in a week. In conclusion, colon cancer patients had a positive attitude about physical activity and exercise. After colon cancer diagnosis, participation of physical activity were increased among colorectal cancer patients, however, higher amount of physical activity is required to have preventive effects of cancer recurrence.
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Kim, Nam Kyu(김남규) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0639-5632
Son, Yu Na(손유나)
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