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기능적 의사소통능력’평가를 위한 문항 연구

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 Item Assessment of Evaluation Tools for‘Functional Communication Abilities’ 
 김수련 ; 김향희 
 재활복지, Vol.16(1) : 207~224, 2012 
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The purpose of this study was to analyze subcategories, contents of each item, and rating scales of six evaluation tools in‘functional communication abilities’. The results were as follows. First, the test items in only three out of six tools were subcategorized and there was no subcategory common in all six tools. Second, items or questions were presented using a five-point or seven-point scale in the context of‘can/cannot’ or‘does/does not’. In the direct testing method, the response of the examinee was judged as ‘correct’,‘adequate’, or‘wrong’. It was difficult to find the common features among the currently available ‘functional communication abilities' evaluation tools. This may be ascribed to the fact that the definition of ‘functional communication abilities’ is rather vague and yet to be clarified. We concluded that upon developing an evaluation tool on‘functional communication abilities’ for Korean population, the items need to reflect validity of functional context as well as the Korean linguistic and cultural characteristics.
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