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2023의미 체계 손상 없이 어휘-의미 결함을 보인 전맥락막동맥경색 환자: 확산텐서 신경섬유로 분석 Journal of the Korean Neurological Association(대한신경과학회지)
2023자동화된 자세 분석 및 가상 재구축 장비를 이용한 이중 과제 능력 평가 Geriatric Rehabilitation
2024Low Phase Angle and Skeletal Muscle Index Increase Hospital-Acquired Infections During Stroke RehabilitationJOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION
2024Long-Term Functional Outcome in Patients With Isolated Thalamic Stroke: The KOSCO Study JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION
2024Depressive Symptoms and the Subsequent Risk of Parkinson's Disease: A Nationwide Cohort StudyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRY
2023Effects of Modified Diaphragmatic Training on Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Questionnaire Score, Diaphragmatic Excursion, and Maximum Inspiratory Pressure in Adults with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease After COVID-19: A Single-Blinded Randomized Control Trial ACTA MEDICA INDONESIANA
2023Effects of behavioural swallowing therapy in patients with Parkinson's disease: A systematic reviewINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY
2023Korean vs. Western Exercise Capacity Nomograms for Korean Patients With Cardiovascular Disease JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2023Over- and under-supply of inpatient rehabilitation after stroke without a post-acute rehabilitation system: a nationwide retrospective cohort study FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2023Polyarteritis nodosa initially presenting as concomitant peripheral neuropathy and myositis in unilateral limb: A case report MEDICINE
2024Analysis of Stakeholder Requirements for the Development of Swallowing Health Management Services APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
2024Functional Outcomes Associated With Blood Pressure Decrease After Endovascular Thrombectomy JAMA NETWORK OPEN
2024Incidence of Altered Level of Consciousness in Hemorrhagic Stroke Survivors: Associated Factors From a Korean Nationwide StudyAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION
2024An analysis of the relationship between hyoid bone movement and ultrasound signal during swallowing: A proof of concept studyBIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL
2024Therapeutic singing-induced swallowing exercise for dysphagia in advanced-stage Parkinson’s disease FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2024Comparison between prefabricated ankle–foot orthoses, Dyna Ankle and UD Flex, in patients with hemiplegia JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH
2024In Vivo Reprogramming Using Yamanaka Factors in the CNS: A Scoping Review CELLS(Cells)
2024Case report: Intrathecal baclofen therapy improved gait pattern in a stroke patient with spastic dystonia FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY
2024Reaching New Heights: A Comprehensive Study of Hand Transplantations in Korea after Institutionalization of Hand Transplantation Law YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
20243'-Sialyllactose alleviates bone loss by regulating bone homeostasis COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY

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