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 Review on Age-related Voice Changes and Quality of Life 
 임애리 ; 김향희 ; 유현지 ; 김수련 
 재활복지, Vol.17(1) : 259~276, 2013 
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The effects of aging on voice production have been well documented with regard to anatomical and functional changes in such voice production mechanism as respiratory and phonatory systems. In this review, we addressed the issues on age-related voice changes in the following several aspects: (1) perceptually, pitch, loudness and voice quality are altered with age, (2) acoustically, changes in fundamental frequency, jitter/shimmer and harmonic to noise ratio occur, (3) aerodynamically, performance on maximum phonation time, mean airflow rate and subglottal pressure are discussed. All of these changes may affect, on the whole, quality of life in the elderly. This review article lays the foundation for the future work on large epidemiological studies by which enable us to differentiate between normal aging voice and pathological voice. Furthermore, it would be expected that timely therapeutic management on age-related voice would ultimately increase quality of life in the elderly.
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