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Harnessing Pentameric Scaffold of Cholera Toxin B (CTB) for Design of Subvirion Recombinant Dengue Virus Vaccine

 Jemin Sung  ;  Yucheol Cheong  ;  Young-Seok Kim  ;  Jina Ahn  ;  Myung Hyun Sohn  ;  Sanguine Byun  ;  Baik-Lin Seong 
 VACCINES, Vol.12(1) : 92, 2024-01 
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cholera toxin B ; dengue ; protein folding ; recombinant protein
Dengue virus is an enveloped virus with an icosahedral assembly of envelope proteins (E). The E proteins are arranged as a head-to-tail homodimer, and domain III (EDIII) is placed at the edge of the dimer, converging to a pentamer interface. For a structure-based approach, cholera toxin B (CTB) was harnessed as a structural scaffold for the five-fold symmetry of EDIII. Pivoted by an RNA-mediated chaperone for the protein folding and assembly, CTB-EDIII of dengue serotype 1 (DV1) was successfully produced as soluble pentamers in an E. coli host with a high yield of about 28 mg/L. Immunization of mice with CTB-DV1EDIII elicited increased levels of neutralizing antibodies against infectious viruses compared to the control group immunized with DV1EDIII without CTB fusion. IgG isotype switching into a balanced Th1/Th2 response was also observed, probably triggered by the intrinsic adjuvant activity of CTB. Confirming the immune-enhancing potential of CTB in stabilizing the pentamer assembly of EDIII, this study introduces a low-cost bacterial production platform designed to augment the soluble production of subunit vaccine candidates, particularly those targeting flaviviruses.
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