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영동세브란스병원과 서독 공공차관: 한국 의료문제 해결의 교차점

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 Yeongdong Severance Hospital and Public Loans from West Germany: A Crossroads Moment in Solving Medical Problems in Korea 
 Yonsei Journal of Medical History (연세의사학), Vol.26(1) : 87-113, 2023-06 
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Yonsei Journal of Medical History(연세의사학)
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공공차관 ; 의료차관 ; 서독 ; 강남세브란스병원 ; 영동세브란스병원 ; 영동프로젝트 ; 지역의료전달시스템 ; 파독간호요원
In this paper, I aim to focus on the process through which Yonsei Medical Center introduced public loans from to establish the Yeongdong Severance Hospital in Gangnam, Seoul, and established a local medical delivery system that encompasses the surrounding areas. In this process, West Germany laid down the practice of public medical care and the re-employment of Korean nurses returning from West Germany as conditions for providing loans. The Yeongdong project contained measures to solve this problem, which I aim to analyze. The emphasis on organizing local medical projects has been an important health policy of the Korean government since the1970s, but it was also important for West Germany to provide overseas loans.. In addition, the issue of the re-employment of the Korean nurses returning from West Germany can be said to constitute special circumstances between the two countries. With the opening of the Yeongdong Severance Hospital, an efficient medical delivery system centered on the Yeongdong area was established. It presented an ideal model as a response to the expansion of medical demand facing Korean society. It is also meaningful that Yeongdong Severance Hospital proposed specific measures for the re-employment and re-education of returning Korean nurses dispatched to West Germany. The opening of the Yeongdong Severance Hospital had many implications for the process through which the Korean government solved the pending medical issues of the time. The background is that, unlike the foreign aid , foreign loans began to be introduced in the medical field, adding a new driving force to the Korean medical field in the late 1970s.
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