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Making Decisions for Unbefriended Patients on Life-Sustaining-Treatment in South Korea: Healthcare Providers’ Experiences

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 연명의료결정법에 의해 연명의료결정을 내릴 수 없는 환자에 관한 연구: 보건의료제공자의 경험을 중심으로 
 Choi Jiyeon  ;  Jeon Heejung  ;  Lee Ilhak 
 Korean Journal of Medical Ethics (한국의료윤리학회지), Vol.24(3) : 271-285, 2021-09 
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Korean Journal of Medical Ethics(한국의료윤리학회지)
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proxy ; clinical ethics ; decision making ; end-of-life decision ; Life-Sustaining Treatment Decision Act
Purpose: This study attempts to clarify the difficulties faced by healthcare professionals in South Korea in making and implementing Life-Sustaining Treatment (LST) decisions for vulnerable patients who lack legally competent proxy decision-makers. Materials and Methods: First, a keyword analysis was performed on the official responses of the National Health Agency of Korea to 750 questions from healthcare workers. Second, a survey probing the difficulties that healthcare professionals face in making LST decisions was administered to the ethics committee members of 246 medical institutions. Results: From the keyword analysis, 139 keywords were categorized into ten subcategories. The survey had a 32.5% response rate, and of the respondents, 41.98% faced difficulties in making decisions for unrepresented patients because of the absence of family members or due to inadequate evidence. Among these patients, 82.35% did not have decision-making ability at the time of need and 85.29% had no family members to consult with. Conclusion: Four categories of “unbefriended” patients were identified in this study. Additionally, in uncovering evidence on how LST decisions are implemented and creating a category of “unbe-friended patients,” this study underscores the need to expand the scope of legal proxies under the LST Decisions Act.
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