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Evaluating the Three-Dimensional Printing Accuracy of Partial-Arch Models According to Outer Wall Thickness: An In Vitro Study

 Seung-Ho Shin  ;  Jae-Sung Kwon  ;  June-Sung Shim  ;  Jong-Eun Kim 
 MATERIALS, Vol.14(22) : 6734, 2021-11 
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3D printing ; CAD/CAM ; additive manufacture ; hollow model ; internal structure ; trueness
The printing accuracy of three-dimensional (3D) dental models using photopolymer resin affects dental diagnostic procedures and prostheses. The accuracy of research into the outer wall thickness and printing direction data for partial-arch model printing has been insufficient. This study analyzed the effects of wall thickness and printing direction accuracy. Anterior and posterior partial-arch models were designed with different outer wall thicknesses. After 3D printing, a trueness analysis was performed. Those with full-arch models were the control group. The full-arch model had an error value of 73.60 ± 2.61 µm (mean ± standard deviation). The error values for the partial-arch models with 1-, 2-, and 3-mm thick outer walls were 54.80 ± 5.34, 47.58 ± 7.59, and 42.25 ± 9.19 μm, respectively, and that for the fully filled model was 38.20 ± 4.63 μm. The printing accuracies differed significantly between 0 degrees and 60 degrees, at 49.54 ± 8.16 and 40.66 ± 6.80 μm, respectively (F = 153.121, p < 0.001). In conclusion, the trueness of the partial-arch model was better than that of the full-arch model, and models with thick outer walls at 60 degrees were highly accurate.
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