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Cancer Patient Tissueoid with Self-Homing Nano-Targeting of Metabolic Inhibitor

 Hyo-Jin Yoon  ;  Young Shin Chung  ;  Yong Jae Lee  ;  Seung Eun Yu  ;  Sewoom Baek  ;  Hye-Seon Kim  ;  Sang Wun Kim  ;  Jung-Yun Lee  ;  Sunghoon Kim  ;  Hak-Joon Sung 
 ADVANCED SCIENCE, Vol.8(22) : e2102640, 2021-11 
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cancer cell-derived nanovesicles ; ovarian cancer ; patient-specific treatments ; self-homing nano-targeting ; tissueoid
The current paradigm of cancer medicine focuses on patient- and/or cancer-specific treatments, which has led to continuous progress in the development of patient representatives (e.g., organoids) and cancer-targeting carriers for drug screening. As breakthrough concepts, i) living cancer tissues convey intact profiles of patient-specific microenvironmental signatures. ii) The growth mechanisms of cancer mass with intense cell-cell interactions can be harnessed to develop self-homing nano-targeting by using cancer cell-derived nanovesicles (CaNVs). Hence, a tissueoid model of ovarian cancer (OC) is developed by culturing OC patient tissues in a 3D gel chip, whose microchannel networks enable perfusion to maintain tissue viability. A novel model of systemic cancer responses is approached by xenografting OC tissueoids into ischaemic hindlimbs in nude mice. CaNVs are produced to carry general chemotherapeutics or new drugs under pre/clinical studies that target the BRCA mutation or energy metabolism, thereby increasing the test scope. This pioneer study cross-validates drug responses from the OC clinic, tissueoid, and animal model by demonstrating the alignment of results in drug type-specific efficiency, BRCA mutation-dependent drug efficiency, and metabolism inhibition-based anti-cancer effects. Hence, this study provides a directional foundation to accelerate the discovery of patient-specific drugs with CaNV application towards future precision medicine.
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