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Guidor가 성견 3급 분지부 병소의 치료에 미치는 영향

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 Effects of Guidor on Healing of Furcation Ⅲ fects in Dogs 
 최성호  ;  김윤식  ;  유재하 
 Journal of Wonju Medical College (원주의대논문집), Vol.7(1) : 174-182, 1995-01 
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Journal of Wonju Medical College(원주의대논문집)
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Various kinds of barrier membranes have been used based on GTR principle, whose goal is the regeneration of periodontal tissues lost due to peridontal diseases and regain of functions. A need for a resorbable membrane had been proposed since ePTFE membrane required secondary surgery and might result in an unnecessary trauma to regenerated tissues. Recent clinical and histologic studies suggest that polylactic acid membranes(Guidor) may have a superior regenerative effects when compared to those of non-resorbable membranes.
In the present study, the effects of polylactic acid resorbable barrier membranes on the periodontal healing was investigated. Experimental class III furcation defects of 4 mm in depth from the CEJ were created on mandibular premolars of adult dogs, and the membranes were adapted buccally and lingually. The defects treated with the membranes were designated as the experimental group, and those defects treated with the flap procedures-only were used as the control group. The healing was investigated by clinical and histologic observations after 8 weeks. The results are as follows;
l) Clinically, no exposure of furcation defects was evident in the control, while slight exposures were observed in the experimental group.
2) New bone formation was observed coronally beyond the notch in the experimental group, and up to the notch in the control.
3) New cementum formation was observed in the control and experimental group.
4) The orientation of connective tissue fibers between the new bone and the new cementum was found to be functionally oriented in the experimemental group, while irregularly arranged in the control.
5) No root resorption or ankylosis was observed in either group.
These results suggest that the use of polylactic acid barrier membranes on class III fur-cation defects may be effective in the regeneration of periodontal ligament and alveolar bone.
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