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인체 위암조직에서 새로운 생물학적 치료목표로서 기저막 단백분해효소(Matrix-metalloproteinase-2,-9)의 발현

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 Expression of matrix-metalloproteinases(MMP-2 MMP-9) in gastric cancer as new targets for biotherapy 
 정현철  ;  조재용  ;  라선영  ;  박준오  ;  안중배  ;  이종인  ;  유내춘  ;  김주항  ;  노재경  ;  노성훈  ;  민진식  ;  김병수  ;  임호영  ;  최진혁 
 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지), Vol.27(6) : 897-906, 1995-12 
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Journal of the Korean Cancer Association(대한암학회지)
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MMP-9 ; MMP-2 ; Gastric cancer ; Invasion ; Metastasis
The proteolytic processes are thought to be the critical point in tumor invasion and metastasis, mainly by matrix-metalloproteinases (MMPs) and serine proteases. We measured the activities of MMP-9 and MMP-2 in the 120 normal and cancer tissue samples from the same patients using gelatin zymography. Inactive MMP-9(92 kD) was expressed in 73.3% of the normal and 87.5% of the cancer tissues, respectively (p=0.009), while active MMP-9(82 kD) was expressed in 24.2% and 53.3%, respectively (p=0.0001). Inactive MMP-2 (72kD) was expressed in 33.3% of the normal and 55.0% of the cancer tissues, respectively (p=0.001), while active MMP-2(62kD) was expressed in 4.2% and 31.7%, respectively (p=0.0001). In Tl state, only frequency of expression and enzymatic activity of the active MMP-2(62kD) were increased, while from T2 stage, the expression and the activation of the both MMP-9 and MMP-2 were increased as the cancer progressed. The expression frequency of the MMP-9 was more common than of the MMP-2. The co-expression rate of the active forms (82 kD, 62 kD), activites of 82 kD and 62 kD, and the activation rates of the both MMPs were increased as the cancer invades and metastasizes to distant lymph node areas. In conclusion, MMP-2 activation was the main causes of the increased MMPs activity during the Tl phase of the gastric cancer, while production and activation of the both MMP-9 and MMP-2 were increased as the cancer progressed. Therefore, we suggest that the different expression and activation of the MMPs in the gastric cancer progression can be a potential therapeutic target in gastric cancer biotherapy.
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