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한국인 6-17세 아동의 성장과 발육에 관한 준종단적 연구

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 Semi-longitudinal study on growth and development of children aged 6 to 17 Part II : Growth change of craniofacial soft tissue. 
 박영철  ;  이기준  ;  한희경  ;  이장열 
 Korean Journal of Orthodontics (대한치과교정학회지), Vol.26(4) : 325-409, 1996-08 
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Along with traditional goal of 'straightening teeth', today's orthodontics put more and more emphasis on facial esthetics. Naturally, the importance of soft tissue, which dictates one's facial form, is noticed. There have been many cephalometric studies on growth of hard tissue; however, only a few on that of soft tissue. In Korea, various methods of sampling, measuring and analysing were used to study soft tissue changes, and yet, soft tissue changes along with process of normal growth have not been studied. The author carried out this study as a part of semi-longitudinal study on craniofacial growth and development of Korean children from ages of six to seventeen. 409 boys and 436 girls who'd had no systemic disease for the last three years and shown normal developmental and occlusal status were chosen as subjects. Cephalometric X -rays were taken of each subject, and facial form, lip position & form, nose form, and lip thickness were measured, Mean values and standard deviations were calculated according to age and gender, and figures and tables were drawn accordingly. The following results were obtained: 1. In respect to facial form, boys showed growth for longer period compared to girls. Also, lower face showed higher growth rate than upper face. 2. There was not much change in thickness of upper and lower lips with age; however , they appeared more prominent compared to caucasian children. 3. Nose grew horizontally with age. 4. Horizontal thickness of lower face increased with age, and upper lip thickness at nose base[A-Sn(FH)] showed more growth than anywhere else.
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