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Oral-Gut Microbiome Axis in Gastrointestinal Disease and Cancer

 Se-Young Park  ;  Byeong-Oh Hwang  ;  Mihwa Lim  ;  Seung-Ho Ok  ;  Sun-Kyoung Lee  ;  Kyung-Soo Chun  ;  Kwang-Kyun Park  ;  Yinling Hu  ;  Won-Yoon Chung  ;  Na-Young Song 
 CANCERS, Vol.13(9) : 2124, 2021-04 
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GI cancer ; GI disease ; gut microbiome ; oral microbiome ; oral–gut microbiome axis
It is well-known that microbiota dysbiosis is closely associated with numerous diseases in the human body. The oral cavity and gut are the two largest microbial habitats, playing a major role in microbiome-associated diseases. Even though the oral cavity and gut are continuous regions connected through the gastrointestinal tract, the oral and gut microbiome profiles are well-segregated due to the oral-gut barrier. However, the oral microbiota can translocate to the intestinal mucosa in conditions of the oral-gut barrier dysfunction. Inversely, the gut-to-oral microbial transmission occurs as well in inter- and intrapersonal manners. Recently, it has been reported that oral and gut microbiomes interdependently regulate physiological functions and pathological processes. Oral-to-gut and gut-to-oral microbial transmissions can shape and/or reshape the microbial ecosystem in both habitats, eventually modulating pathogenesis of disease. However, the oral-gut microbial interaction in pathogenesis has been underappreciated to date. Here, we will highlight the oral-gut microbiome crosstalk and its implications in the pathogenesis of the gastrointestinal disease and cancer. Better understanding the role of the oral-gut microbiome axis in pathogenesis will be advantageous for precise diagnosis/prognosis and effective treatment.
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