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rMAPS2: an update of the RNA map analysis and plotting server for alternative splicing regulation

 Jae Y Hwang  ;  Sungbo Jung  ;  Tae L Kook  ;  Eric C Rouchka  ;  Jinwoong Bok  ;  Juw W Park 
 NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, Vol.48(W1) : W300-W306, 2020-07 
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The rMAPS2 (RNA Map Analysis and Plotting Server 2) web server, freely available at http://rmaps.cecsresearch.org/, has provided the high-throughput sequencing data research community with curated tools for the identification of RNA binding protein sites. rMAPS2 analyzes differential alternative splicing or CLIP peak data obtained from high-throughput sequencing data analysis tools like MISO, rMATS, Piranha, PIPE-CLIP and PARalyzer, and then, graphically displays enriched RNA-binding protein target sites. The initial release of rMAPS focused only on the most common alternative splicing event, skipped exon or exon skipping. However, there was a high demand for the analysis of other major types of alternative splicing events, especially for retained intron events since this is the most common type of alternative splicing in plants, such as Arabidopsis thaliana. Here, we expanded the implementation of rMAPS2 to facilitate analyses for all five major types of alternative splicing events: skipped exon, mutually exclusive exons, alternative 5' splice site, alternative 3' splice site and retained intron. In addition, by employing multi-threading, rMAPS2 has vastly improved the user experience with significant reductions in running time, ∼3.5 min for the analysis of all five major alternative splicing types at once.
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