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간호사 주도 신속대응팀 간호사의 직무표준 개발

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 Development of job standards for nurse-led rapid response team 
 College of Nursing (간호대학) 
 Dept. of Nursing (간호학과) 
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BACKGROUND: The nurse-led Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) should identify their duties and nursing activities and develop job standards that would ensure desired working levels and demonstrate their performance in a new area of expertise necessitated by changes in the health care environment. However, no job standards have been developed. AIM: This study’s purpose was to identify duties and nursing activities and develop job standards to ensure the desired working level of nurse-led RRTs and to lay the basis for task evaluation. METHOD: This methodological study identified the duties and nursing activities of nurse-led RRTs through literature reviews, benchmarking of domestic and foreign nurse-led RRT institutions, and personal interviews with team leaders of nurse-led RRTs. Based on identified duties and nursing activities, draft job standards for nurse-led RRTs were developed, and their content validity was verified using the Delphi method. Sixty-two nurses from National Nurse-Led RRTs were tested for practical suitability. RESULTS: Fifty-six duties and nursing activities were identified for nurse-led RRTs in the following nine core competency areas: advanced nursing practice, education, counseling, consultation, collaboration, ethical decision-making, research, evidence-based practice, and leadership. The practical suitability verification of the nurse-led RRTs showed that all items in the draft job standards were more than 90% suitable. Finally, job standards comprising 9 standards, 16 criteria, and 55 indicators, were developed for nurse-led RRTs. CONCLUSION; The finalized job standards will be used as guidelines for nurses who will work in nurse-led RRTs in the future, and will serve as basic data to secure the desired level of nursing and assess the nursing quality. It is also likely serve as basic data for developing a nurse-led RRT curriculum. This study suggests that the results should be actively used to verify the nursing sensitive outcomes in the future.
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