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 A study on profile change and stability of treatment after wearing face mask 
 박영철  ;  신자영  ;  유형석 
 Korean Journal of Orthodontics (대한치과교정학회지), Vol.27(1) : 1-20, 1997 
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 Korean Journal of Orthodontics (대한치과교정학회지) 
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Skeletal Class III malocclusions are growth-related discrepancies, and the problems are more severe until growth is complete. Causes of skeletal Class III malocclusion are classified into mandibular overgrowth, maxillary deficiency, and combination of the two. Face mask has been recommended for treatment of Class M malocclusion with maxillary deficiency in the early time of growth. Numerous experiments were performed and clinical studies have been reported on face mask ; nevertheless, studies on profile changes and stability after treatment of face mask are considered to be somewhat insufficient. The author selected 50 patients who can be checked for follow-up. They had been diagnosed as skeletal Class III malocclusion with maxillary deficiency and then treated with face mask ; the sample group was divided according to sex, treatment beginning age, palatal suture opening(intraoral appliance). For each group, changing pattern of facial profile and stability of treatment observed, and comparison with 20 Korean normal children(Angle´s Class I ). The following results were obtained. 1. Skeletal, dental, and soft tissue measurements indicated more changes in the amounts of maxillary forward movement during face mask treatment. 2. R.P.E. group showed more significant maxillofacial changes and La-Li group showed more dental changes. 3. Growth changes of maxilla induced in the treatment group during wearing face mask were much more than those of normal group. 4. Growth changes of maxilla in the treatment group after treatment of face mask were less than those of normal group. From the obtained data, it can be concluded that. there was a stimulative effect on forward growth of maxilla during the use of face mask however, on removal of face mask, the stimulative effect was eliminated and undergrowth tendency of maxilla resumed.
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