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위암 진행 표지자로서 혈액내 Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 (ICAM-1)과 Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 (VCAM-1)의 동시 발현

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 Synchronous Expression of Circulating Intercellural Adhesion Molecule-1 (ICAM-1) and Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 (VCAM-1) During Gastric cancer 
 정희철  ;  박준오  ;  라선영  ;  정현철  ;  공수정  ;  김충배  ;  김주항  ;  노재경  ;  민진식  ;  김병수  ;  노성훈 
 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지), Vol.29(1) : 81-92, 1997 
Journal Title
 Journal of the Korean Cancer Association (대한암학회지) 
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Gastric Cancer ; cICAM-1 ; cVCAM-1 ; Liver Metastasis
PURPOSE: The circulating forms of ICAM-1 (cICAM-1) and VCAM-1 (cVCAM-1) has been reported from supernatant of cytokine activated endothelial cells, cancer cells and from cancer patient serum even though the biological significance of the cCAMs are not fully elucidated. MATERIALS AND METHODS: To evaluate the correlation of the expression of cICAM-1 and cVCAM-1 and prognosis in gastric cancer, we measured cICAM-1 and cVCAM-1 levels in 20 healthy volunteers and 142 gastric cancer patients' sera by ELISA assay. Also we compared cCAMs levels with vascular endothelial growth factor (sVEGF) and FP. Ninety-five patients were operable and 47 patients were advanced or relapsed state at the time of the study. In 28 operable patients, we simultaneously sampled portal and peripheral vein and measured the cCAMs. RESULTS: The cCAMs level and positive rate in serum increased with cancer progression from healthy control, operable to advanced or relapsed gastric cancer. In advanced cancer, cICAM-1 level increased with liver metastasis. The cICAM-1 level in portal blood was correlated modestly with that in peripheral blood. And in cVCAM-1 positive subgroup, cCAM-1 level correlated with cVCAM-1 level. The peripheral cICAM-1 level decreased in 6% compared to that of portal cICAM-1 level while peripheral cVCAM-1 level increased in 1% compared to that of portal level. Synchronous expression of both cCAMs was found in 58.3% of the patients with liver metastasis and 22.9% of the patients without liver metastasis (p=0.03). But, there were no correlation between cCAMs and FP expression regardless of liver metastasis. The sVEGF level correlated with neither cICAM-1 nor cVCAM-1 level regardless of liver metastasis. The median disease-free and overall survival of patients with synchronous cICAM-1 and cVCAM-1 expression was 8 months and 9 months, while in patients without co-expression it was more than 24 months and 23 months respectively. CONCLUSION: We suggest that synchronous cICAM-1 and cVCAM-1 elevation may be a useful monitor of tumor burden and progression in gastric cancer, especially in liver metastasis.
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