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골격성 제 III급 부정교합자의 두 개안모의 성장양상에 관한 누년적 연구

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 A longitudinal study on the growth pattern of craniofacial skeleton in skeletal class III 
 박영철  ;  박민성  ;  김태균 
 Korean Journal of Orthodontics (대한치과교정학회지), Vol.28(5) : 751-761, 1998 
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The purpose of this study was to find the characteristics of lateral crphalogram of skeletal class III malocclusion patients to whom orthognathic surgery was essential. For this study 37 patients with skeletal class III and going to treat or be treated orthognathic surgery(age 7-17) were selected to experimental group and 56 people with normal occlusion (age 8-13) were selected to normal group and the two groups were evaluated and statistically analyzed and the results were as follows 1. In comparison of experimental group and normal group in prepubertal group, there were significant differences in ANS-U1/Me-L1, Mx. Length/Mn. Length, S-N/Go-Me, Wits, ANB, SN-Pog, IMPA, Facial Convexity, APDI (p<0.05) 2. In comparison of experimental group and normal group in pubertal group, there were significant differences in ANS-U1/Me-L1, S-Go/N-Me, Mx.Length/Mn.Length, S-N/Go-Me, Wits, Saddle Angle, SNB, ANB, SN-Pog, IMPA, Interincisal Angle, Facial Convexity, APDI (p<0.05) 3. Among items showing characteristics of skeletal class III malocclusion, there were no significant differences between prepubertal group and pubertal group in other items except Mx. Length/Mn. Length,APDI (p<0.05) 4. The significant correlationship was the highest between Saddle Angle and SNB, SN-Pog and SNB, ANB and Facial Convexity in experimental group
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