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신경절신경세포종(Ganglioneuroma)의 CT 소견

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 CT Findings of Ganglioneuroma 
 윤춘식  ;  김명준  ;  김상진  ;  오기근  ;  전태주 
 Journal of the Korean Radiologist Society (대한방사선의학회지), Vol.39(3) : 599-604, 1998 
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 Journal of the Korean Radiologist Society (대한방사선의학회지) 
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Mediastinum, neoplasms ; Mediastinum, CT ; Nervous system, neopla는
Purpose : Ganglioneuroma is a relatively uncommon benign tumor and han no pathognomonic radiological findings;diagnosis is therefore difficult. In order to better diagnose this tumor we analysed its CT findings andpathologic correlation. Materials and Methods : Seventeen tumors in 16 patients(M:F=9:7) diagnosed asganglioneuroma between 1992 and 1996 were retrospectively analysed with regard to location, size, contour, longaxis of the mass, enhancement pattern, calcification, necrosis and capsulation, all as seen on CT, and comparedwith histo- pathologic findings. Results : Tumors were 1.5 to 10(mean, 5.6)cm in size, and their location wasmediastinal(n=12), cervical(n=2), retroperitoneal (n=2) or adrenal(n=1). Fifteen had an oval or round contour andtwo were dumb-bell-shaped. The long axis of the lesion was craniocaudal in 14 cases and non-specific in three.Thirteen lesions showed heterogeneous enhancement, and four homogeneous. Capsule-like enhancement was noted on CTscans in eight cases;there was no definite correlation between enhancement pattern and pathologic findings.Calcification was seen in six cases and an inner low-density lesion in two. Conclusion : Ganglioneuroma is abenign neurogenic tumor, occurring most frequently at the the posterior mediastinum. General CT findings of thistumor are a well-defined oval shape with a variable enhancement pattern, but several cases showed focalcalcification or inner low density. For accurate diagnosis of ganglioneuroma both common and uncommon findingsmust therefore be considered.
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